How to Set up a Craft Room

I have been asked about my craft room (home office/studio) many times lately and thought it was time for a post about how to create your creative space. Let’s be honest; we’ve all searched Pinterest or Google for “How to set up a Craft room” at least once, right?

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craft room setup
The room is Mr. Tux approved.

How to Create the Perfect Craft Room

I’m not gonna lie; I LOVE this room. However, my favorite room in our house would be the sunroom with our hot tub where my hubby and I spend lots of time sorting out life and eating donuts while drinking coffee almost every weekend. That room is right next to my studio so I get to enjoy the sunlight. Having a sunroom means the lighting in here is awesome!!

But back to the creative space and how to set up a craft room…

My creative space shown here is my home office for my “day job” — AKA my graphic design & marketing studio = Elegant Designs, Inc. A lot of creative magic goes on in here; from homework projects, and newsletter graphic design to some kick-butt creative fun (see the shop for details on kick-butt projects. LOL).

How to Set up a Craft room

However, probably like most of you, our DIY projects are a fun stress reliever. Sometimes it’s a way to make extra cash. I call it my side hustle but this site is almost like a full-time job at times, but I love it.

How to Set up a Craft room
The sunroom, shown here to the left, is a great source of light.

How I Created the Perfect Craft Room for ME.

So many things come into play to make your perfect craft room. These are my top 3 things to consider when you are trying to find your space before we get into tips to make it happen.

  1. Space (we can’t usually add on a she-shed, or kick out a kid for the perfect creative space)
  2. Budget (let’s be real, this is the main factor)
  3. Kick back (If you had the space to create more, would you create more for fun things, or would you even create more to sell the things you make?)

Creative Space Ideas

I’ll use these 3 things as my base for how to set up my craft room, or creative studio. These are how they fit into my life today and might change tomorrow. When I first started working at home, I was in the corner of the living room (with pink carpet) on a small corner desk. I created all the creative things on the living room table. Things have progressed well I feel.

#1). The Space:

I was lucky enough to be able to use our formal dining room. I was in a spare bedroom before. I liked that cause of the closet space. I’ve made up for the lack of closet space with a fun, old TV cabinet I found in the online marketplace.

How to create a craft room
This space used to be a formal dining room.

#2). Budget:

Let’s start with a joke.

“What did the birdie say when they flew over Chelly’s house?” …..  “Cheap-cheap-cheap.” hahahaha.

I guess I like to say thrifty, or bargain shopper cause it sounds less tacky than cheap. Right? I imagine if you are reading this you’re creative and imaginative too. So, head out to some garage sales and thrift stores for creative solutions. That’s the best way to keep on budget.

I think it’s great to make a plan of all the things you want to do, and then map out the space or storage you’ll need. Think about the future here too. Will you expand and start to sell your items someday? You’ll need great storage and workspace for that I bet.

Here are a few creative storage ideas.

How to Set up a Craft room
  • Cabinets and rolling carts are great storage, and when painted can be really fun and cute.
  • Small shelves. I use an old CD rack for fun storage in my office. ($2 at a garage sale)
  • Clearance. Clearance is your friend ladies! ha… That’s where I found my 2 cabinets I use under my countertop from Lowes.

(The Printer drawer shown on the wall was a fun project: Details are here and here.)

#3). How the space is used:

This step is optional. How will you use the space?

Are you going to play? This might lead you to a space you can pack up and put in a closet or under a bed with some containers to organize the fun.

Are you thinking about selling your crafts? From my experience, it’s best to have it so you don’t have to ‘set up or unpack’ your items each time. I found my counter is amazing for this. I used a cabinet that had level parts and added a pre-cut counter.

Chelly at We Can Make That crafting

I hope you enjoyed my tour. I do love this space. What does yours look like?

We Can Make That!


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  1. I love how you designed your space. I have an office that isn’t that big and this has some good ideas to fit my supplies in.