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Head to the gym with a fun new workout shirt

It’s almost January. That means our lives are filled with inspiration for a better tomorrow, better us, better work, better health. This time of year fills people’s hearts and minds with new visions and LOTS of goals. I know it annoys some but I love the inspiration in the air. I’m right there with them, and if you are there too then it’s probably time to make yourself a workout shirt!

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Get ready, I’m about to get sorta deep here: Fun clothes motivate me. LOL. As I write this I’m in fun loungewear and it’s inspiring to write a creative blog post in some cute clothes. (These posts take way more time than I ever thought they would – but I love it). With this in mind, I’m pretty sure fun workout clothes are motivating too. In this post, I’ll walk you through a few tips to create some new workout tees with your Cricut!

Shopping is my exercise SVG

To Make Yourself a Workout Shirt you need a comfy shirt!

Finding THE perfect comfy shirt, is my new first step. I used to grab sales or bulk but the shirts aren’t always comfy. I am having luck finding soft and good quality shirts at Costco, Sam’s, and our Walmart. For more festive or trending items I turn to Amazon. If you know of a better one please share with us below!

Supplies for making a graphic tee or tank:

  • SVG to fit your style: Shopping is my Exercise is a fav!
  • Comfy tee or tank
  • HTV vinyl (heat press vinyl)

More SVGs in the Shop

I don’t have a large heat press machine (yet) so I use my EasyPress by Cricut. With experience I have found the HTV vinyl stays on better when I use these press pillows by Firefly.

Cricut Easy Press and pressing pads

If you are wondering why a Cricut EasyPress and not an iron, I’ll explain a bit about the easy press.

The EasyPress boasts adjustable heat up settings, most irons just say “Cotton” setting and I have no idea temp that will be. Most vinyl has certain heat settings so this is important.

When referring to the EasyPress, Cricut’s website says, “Combining the speed of a heat press and the convenience of an iron, Cricut EasyPress 2 gives you fast, effortless results that really last, even after repeated washes.” 

I do enjoy the helpful safety features such as an insulated Safety Base and auto-shutoff feature (cause I was always forgetting to shut off my iron!).

Cricut EasyPress is easy to store and move around your craft space, plus it’s compatible with all of the heat-transfer vinyl I’ve ever used (and all Infusible Ink™ products but I have not personally tried them, YET).

EasyPress on my Island in my Craft Space
SVG Membership CLub

What brand of vinyl is best?

Impressed Vinyl packs

This is sorta like asking which kid I like best. LOL. When using HTV vinyl, these are my 2 favorites.

I love how Firefly is so easy to weed. I also love the envelopes and storage packets the IMPRESSed vinyl offers.

Firefly vinyl review

These are 3 ways I store my HTV (Heat Press Vinyl…

Vinyl Storage

A quick tip about storing vinyl

Normally I store it in the original packaging if I can. The Firefly vinyl stores well in the boxes. The plastic envelopes are great for keeping the IMPRESSed Vinyl. The teal envelope is a multi-colored pack. Then what is a girl to do with those scraps? I use 13×13-inch Ziplock-type pages and arrange them by color.

What Cricut is Best To Make Yourself a Workout Shirt?

I get this question a lot… What Cricut is Best To Make Yourself a Workout Shirt? or any shirt. It really doesn’t matter if it’s Cricut or Silhouette. I often refer to Cricut because I have the Maker.

I bought this model at the time because it could cut other products besides paper and vinyl. I do enjoy paper crafts (usually using supplies) but using my Cricut is often top on the list.

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