16 Free Doormat SVGs

This is a fun one – the best 16 Free doormat SVGs to use in Cricut® Design Space (or with other personal cutters) to get crafty and make a welcome mat for your home.

My creative friends and I have worked together to bring you a list of free doormat SVG files to make your front door more inviting downright cuter! ha

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Creating home decor items with my Cricut is one of my favorite hobbies. And as spring is approaching and the snow melts off our steps, I’m ready to get it looking cute again for spring. (Don’t forget to check out my list of free porch SVGs too, cause spring is the time for front porch makeovers!).

Free Welcome Doormat SVG

Usually each season I like to change out my door hanger and add a new doormat as well. If you are the same, then you’re in luck because we have funny doormat SVG s for your DIY projects. Stay until the end of the post for the list of 16 Free Doormat SVGs.

Free Doormat SVGs
Cricut and Romeo Siser

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Supplies for making a doormat with your Cricut:

These steps are to guide you if you have a cutter (like Cricut, Silhouette or Brother Cut n Scan). But if you don’t have one, just print the design to size and cut it out.

If you use colors for the seasons, you can easily make these a fall welcome doormat, not just for spring (as I write this post).

There are so many good designs to choose from for a doormat. They can be just simple words like our home svg files.

DIY A Doormat with Your Cricut

Begin by cutting the Free Welcome Doormat SVGs out of freezer paper. Once it’s cut, lay the paper on the doormat (so you can read it) and take it down on the edges.

If you have the 12×24″ longer mat from Cricut, these come in handy now to cut the designs all on one sheet. However, with this type of application (spraying the paint or Rubber Sealant) having a little seam doesn’t show in the end.

Large mat and Cricut maker
Make sure there’s room behind the Cricut® for the longer mat.

To help the finished product look and stay on longer, grab your vacuum and clean up the new mat.

Now it’s time to get to the fun part. Grab your can of spray rubber coating. This stays on so much better than regular spray paint and also isn’t too pricey.

Spray in an even coat straight onto the stencil. If you spray at an angle, the paint might creep under your stencil. Spraying straight on makes the edges cleaner.

Allow the Rubber Sealant to dry, then coat it with a matte sealant to protect it. I let it dry for 24 hours between coats.

List of the best free doormat SVGs from my crafting friends!

The Best free doormat SVGs

File Formats of our SVGs at ‘We Can Make That’

Our digital products come with various file formats to best match your cutter. Please double-check your machine requirements, but I am told our files work with Cricut Design Space, Silhouette studio, and Brother Cut N Scan. I have not tested anything except the Cricut® Design Space, as I have a Maker.

SVG club

The files on our site come with a zip file or zip folder. Once you double-click the zip file, a variety of flies appear. Click the download link in the email we send you or access them in your dashboard. We use Adobe Illustrator to create the files on our site. Read about commercial license info here.

  • SVG file
  • DXF file
  • PNG file
  • JPG file
  • And sometimes PDFs or EPS files. See details on each file for exact details.

16 Free Doormat SVGs

The Best free doormat SVGs

These digital download files are ok for personal use, please see each site for commercial licenses from each designer.

Check out all the funny SVG sayings – they crack me up! Click on each name to create your doormat svg bundle.

  1. Yay You’re Here – Persia Lou
  2. Smile You’re on Camera – Brooklyn Berry
  3. No Soliciting – 30 Minute Crafts
  4. Welcome to Our Home – We Can Make That
  5. Just So You Know – That’s What Che Said
  6. Home Sweet Home – Hello Creative Family
  7. Doorbell Broken – Yell Ding Dong Really Loudly – The Girl Creative
  8. The House Was Clean – Life Sew Savory
  9. Welcomeish – Homemade Heather
  10. Home – Try It Like It
  11. No Need to Knock – Everyday Party Magazine
  12. Welcome to Our Happy Place – Kara Creates
  13. Don’t Step on My Wiener (Dog) – Artsy Fartsy Mama
  14. Come in we are awesome – Liz on Call
  15. hello – unOriginal Mom
  16. Welcome I hope you texted first – Weekend Craft

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  1. I absolutely love using my Cricut to create home decor items, and with spring around the corner, it’s the perfect time to give my porch a charming makeover. The free porch SVGs are an amazing resource for inspiring front porch transformations. Let the spring creativity flourish!

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  2. I love the doormats. I’ve made 1 before but I think I need an easier file. It was very detailed. Would love to have them.