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I’ve been crafting since I was probably 4 years old. My mom had a ceramic shop in our basement so I started young. I like to say I was born with the creative gene. Having a paintbrush in my hand at an early age made me think it was a natural talent.

I’m not as amazing of a painter as my mom, but I do have lots of creative talents and a love for all things crafty. I remember buying my first Cricut, the first 6×9″ little Cricut — I was hooked!

Are you wondering how We Can Make That  began?

In October 2016, I decided to start this blog to share my love of crafting. As you read the earlier blog posts you could probably picture me crammed into a spare bedroom turned home office for my graphic design studio (which was born in 1997 and still going today. I call that my “day job” LOL!).

I started like many DIYers during that time, with painting old furniture I found by the curb, designing SVGs, and making decor from Dollar Tree items. It was a great outlet and helped me as I rebuilt my life and removed so much negativity from the past 19 years.

After that first year of learning how to use WordPress and build a website, plus all online tech stuff and finding the direction that We Can Make That was meant to go. I felt good as I was finally getting my life together! It’s feeling like the fairy tale life I wanted all those years is now my reality – both at work and at home.

Don’t get me wrong, life is not perfect, but it IS wonderful! Another fun fact about me, I became a newlywed again at 44 years old. Here’s my hubby, BFF, and biggest supporter of my creative businesses: SteveO.

We now live in North Dakota with our 5 adult kids and one hilarious cat, Tux. Our cat usually makes an appearance on my Facebook Lives, he’s often in trouble or acts like a shadow in the background of my Lives.

What creative crafts will you find here on the blog and in the SVG shop

DIYs and designing SVG files are my passion. I love this! I feel so lucky to get to do what makes me happy (what I love to do) on this site for ‘work.’ I am thankful I have some amazing people around me to share this all with, is now my reality that feels like the fairy tale I always wanted.



What We Can Make That! offers you:

If you’re on here and still reading this page, I would bet creating things makes you happy too. (I’m guessing we could be BFFs in real life.)

My main focus here is SVG files and scrapbooking Simply Cute / Simply Cut layouts. (Love them! Go try a page now! You’ll have a layout done in no time at all!)

Many of the projects & posts on here will fall into these categories:

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Chelly Ontis

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