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Here are a few of the latest craft projects I’ve been busy with!

Card Ideas for Crafters

Card Ideas for Crafters

When people ask what my favorite thing to create is I usually say cards each time. Maybe it’s the quick win I feel of finishing a craft project. Probably because I get them done pretty fast when I do make cards. This is the inspiration behind showing you Card Ideas for Crafters on this post….
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IKONart and Chelly

Steps to Creating an IKONArt Re-useable Stencil

If you create certain projects over and over again and spend a lot of your time weeding vinyl for your stencil projects, you are going to love these IKONART Smart Screen Stencil kits, and creating an IKONART Stencil is probably just what you need! Bonus: World Kindness Day FREE SVGs And if you are looking…
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