DreamBox Review For Craft Business Owners

Let’s talk through an honest DreamBox Review, exclusively For Craft Business Owners Building A Functional Workspace. I think you’ll agree it’s the perfect tax write-off. (I’m not a tax adviser, but I bet this is perfect for your office!)

Dreambox By Create Room example.

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This original post was a collaboration with Create Room from the 2022 Craft Business Summit (now called the Creativepreneur Summit), where they gave away a DreamBox. I’ve added my reviews, ideas, and thoughts to help you decide if it’s right for your creative business or craftroom.

Ways to use your Dreambox

Let’s chat about an honest review the Dreambox and what it can be used for – whether you are a crafter or business owner. 

First, owning a new Dreambox is a big investment. But on the other side, this can be a game changer for your business and those large totes lying around with all your supplies. 

Cricut and Romeo Siser

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DreamBox Review Benefits for your Craft Room

There are so many reasons to get one (besides the obvious – it’s so pretty), but let me break down why one would want to purchase the DreamBox and then Create Room provides the view from a craft business owner.

The most obvious is craft room organization. That is a dream in itself… as you spend late nights searching for supplies instead of crafting in a place where all your supplies are organized

Besides the DeamBox being adorable and fun to add your personal touch to, here are a few reviews from me on why you invest in one:

  • Easy access: no more hunting for supplies. It helps put everything at arm’s length, making crafting time easier.
  • Small Spaces? No problem. The DeamBox system takes things spammed over rooms and closets and combines them into one spot. 
  • Sewing Station: It’s not just for Cricut craft supplies. Use the system for a sewing station or check out their smaller furniture to create the perfect work table for your sewing or craft room.
  • Organizational options. We love options, and they have them. With the Tool Caddy, Paper Organizer, and side table options for the DreamBox 2, you will find your happy place with Create Room (see these items here).
  • Smaller Furniture Items from Create Room: I have my eye on the sew stations and DreamCart for my guest room. My current sewing table is broken and I’m looking at upgrading it.

Let’s Review What Can be Stored in Your DeamBox:

Using the built-in drawers, clear totes, fold-out table, shoebox totes, and medium totes, this acrylic totes system can give you back your dining room table. Here are some different options for using it as storage. You can see which ones are right for you:

  • Sewing Supplies 
  • Crafting Supplies
  • Washi Tape
  • Art Supplies
  • Fabric Markers
  • Cricut machine (or any cutting machine)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Vinyl Storage
  • Paper Storage
  • Ribbon Organization
  • Tool Storage with easy access

What Space Does the DreamBox Take up?

This is indeed a beast. This isn’t a cute shelf you add to your craft space and rearrange the room repeatedly. This feels like more like permanent furniture to take back your kitchen table. 

If you have taken over the guest room, this is also a great option. You use the easy-to-swing doors to fold up the dream box and make room for your guests. This is a larger piece of furniture, not just another storage place. 

As a creator and a business owner, it’s more important than ever to get your craft supplies and your space organized so you can complete your goals and projects on time. If your physical surroundings are organized according to your creative process, you’ll have more room for creativity and get your work done faster. 

The DreamBox is designed specifically with this in mind! Here are three main ways it can help if you have your own DreamBox to help achieve your business goals:

Top 3 Reasons the DreamBox is worth the price:

1. The DreamBox gives you a cohesive, stress-free workspace

Set up example of the Dreambox By Create Room with cute black and white cat on the desk.

What works for others might not always work best for you. Instead of wasting time trying to adopt someone else’s organizational workflow, why not simply create a process that you know will work for you? With the DreamBox organizational system, you can create a space that brings more excitement and energy into your workflow while enhancing your daily routine!

Becca Courtice from The Happy Ever Crafter shared with us how the DreamBox helps her keep her business in order:

“It has totally changed the game for me in terms of being able to actually quickly find the things I need for projects and for filming tutorials. It’s so much easier now knowing exactly where things go to put them back, and keeping things tidy instead of having piles of items everywhere in my studio.”

Becca Courtice from The Happy Ever Crafter

You can also now add wallpaper to your DreamBox doors. How cute is that. See the current styles Create Room Wallpaper options here

CPS Summit graphic

2. You can designate a space for each of your supplies & projects

Example of exclusive Dreambox By Create Room planning sheets.

The DreamBox is your new business haven! With help from our downloadable templates, you can map out and utilize every single space of your DreamBox in a way that helps your business grow. Example of exclusive Dreambox By Create Room planning sheets shown above.

Here’s the best part: The DreamBox includes an easy-to-access acrylic tote system that allows you to store and retrieve supplies however you like. With an unlimited amount of shelving options, you can create a setup that refines your ideal business workflow. Vertical storage and a fold-away design make it easier to organize essential supplies without hogging your much-needed table or floor space.

Dreambox Folded up table with doors open.

In the DreamBox, there’s a home for every part of your business, whether that’s the idea phase, the creation phase, or even the packaging and shipping phase. As a creator, Becca’s priority is creating a designated zone for each project type.

“The left side is primarily lettering stuff (brush pens, paint, pens, pointed pens, markers, etc.). Then, the right side is mostly painting stuff (watercolors, acrylic paint, gouache, etc.). In the middle, I mostly have paper. This system lets me know exactly which side to go to for a specific product.”

Becca Courtice from The Happy Ever Crafter
Organized craft supplies in a Dreambox.

3. Build your brand with a workspace that expresses you

The beautiful appearance of the DreamBox is the perfect way to show your audience what it’s like behind the scenes. With streamlined organization plus a fold-up design, you won’t ever need to worry about stray clutter on your tablespace. Customize your DreamBox to your own unique creative business or style, and build an online presence that best reflects your creative vision! 

Craft Business owner using a grabbing supplies for her paper crafting business.

For Becca, the most important part of her business is having a space to record all her calligraphy and crafting courses. “I have lots of art supply storage in different configurations, including my DreamBox. I also have my computer station, a big open desk station, where I sit and film all of my tutorial videos for YouTube. In front of my big open desk, I have my filming equipment and a printing station.”

Office set idea for a craft business owner.

In the same way that the DreamBox helps organize your supplies and projects, it will also create more room for you. With help from this all-in-one organizational system, each of your creative ideas, your business aspirations, and your personal goals will fit seamlessly into your daily lifestyle. 

Want to shop all things Create Room? Take a look at the DreamBox here! The photos shown above are the original scrapbox, but the DreamBox 2 is now available. I hope you enjoyed this DreamBox Review.

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  1. Oh gosh!!! This is AMAZING!! I’m pretty organized, I guess it’s from being a Financial Counselor at a busy Orthopaedic hospital for ten years, where I couldn’t have papers on my desk when I had patients in my office discussing the financials of their treatments or surgeries! In crafting I feel like I have to reorganize or clean up my mess before I start a new project, so I find myself doing more clean up and less creating🙀🙀 The clutter gives me anxiety 😂😂😂