Paper and Vinyl Organization Ideas for Crafters

Chelly smiling at camera while crafting with Cricut, paper trimmer and craft supplies.

Before you begin organizing your vinyl and paper…

Make sure your storage hits these important key factors in deciding on a system that works for you. There’s no right or wrong way – Do what works for your space no matter the size of your space.

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Here is what I keep in mind when I organized my room (it’s the formal dining room I took over. See the tour here) and how it works in my space:

  • Easy to grab
  • Affordable system to make crafting easy
  • Looks cute or creative
  • Fits your space

Paper Storage Organization

Confession of a crafter: I like to keep my scraps but wasn’t using them. I had a lot of “good size” scraps to use too, but found I was reaching for a full sheet instead of using the scraps of the same paper.

Using this system actually helps me use them now. If the scraps are stored in something that is not convenient or hard to grab while you’re crafting, chances are you won’t even remember you have them.

craft supplies collector

Or that was the case with me anyway. I used to have them in my island, but having them out where I could a file folder is so much easier for me. They are handy to grab now for when I’m creating and I use them a lot instead of buying more and more paper.

Interested in how a DreamBox would help? Check out my review here.

Paper and Vinyl Organization Ideas for Crafters Video

Here is a short tour of my paper and vinyl storage I did on a Facebook live.

Cricut and Romeo Siser

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Vinyl Storage Ideas for Crafters

Vinyl hoarder

Steps for deciding on how to store vinyl in your craft room

  • Decide on flat or rolled storage options
  • Scraps storage is important too
  • Keep the instructions. This is key since so many brands offer different tips for making their vinyl #1.

I use a combo of flat and rolled. Once the sheet is unrolled I like to make it lay flat. So the scraps go in 13×13 baggies by color and type. Here are few items I used in the video above.

TIP: Keep the HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) and adhesive vinyl separated. They are used for different projects so I find it helpful. Just like I don’t mix vinyl scraps and paper scraps in the same bag.

If you need to use up some vinyl, here are some fun SVG ideas!

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  1. Love that you talk about saving (not necessarily using) scraps and how important it is with vinyl to keep instructions with them. Great tip and I wish I had done that from the start. Now I have vinyl scraps I am not sure how I can use but I will be sure to start storing them with instructions from now on!

    1. hey Helen, Yes saving and USING the scraps are totally different, right? Sorta up there with craft hoarding. haha. I’m way better at using my paper scraps than my vinyl scraps!