How to Make Your Planner More Productive!

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When you have a planner, or a business plan, it only works if you work it. This means you need a system that helps you hit all the tasks on your ‘to-do’ lists. These are the things that help you move your creative business from dream to profit.

Now, this sounds easy on paper: Using a planner for business … But when you start to make new pretty things to sell in your business, then talk about it on social media, and blah-blah-blah but………… when you toss in the chaos of the day, these 3 key elements can send you into overwhelm and we don’t want that!

So, let’s get you organized to use your planner to grow your business! I’ll map out the 3 must do’s for your business planner and give you some tips to move forward.

3 things to make your planner work for your business! 

These are 3 things I do with my planner that have made a HUGE income difference. These continue to remove so much daily overwhelm for me and my business as well = double win!

Take this list and make it your own. Use it as a base to create what works for you.

  1. CEO Lunch: I have a CEO lunch date with myself at my favorite restaurant each month to schedule out what I want to achieve the following month (takes me about 45 minutes, plus eating and time to get in the zone).
  2. Planner Time: I have a set a time each week to fill in my planner. (5-25 minutes)
  3. Check in each morning, and again at the end of the day, to make sure you are on top of these things. (Move things you didn’t get done to a later day if necessary!) (5 minutes or less)

**These daily tasks are the easiest to overlook (or ignore) but these things are also what makes a difference at the end of the year.

Using a planner for business

Why do I need to do this, Chelly?

Well, good question. There are a few reasons you want to do these things and I promise once you start and get into a system they pay off!

  • Being consistent gets results. It feeds the algorithms on social media, Google and Pinterest.
  • Takes your customer on a path to get to know you, your products and how they can buy from you. A marketing plan!
  • These things help you remove so much overwhelm. It’s a Live day on Facebook, grab your planner and look at your marketing plan you created on your CEO date. You now know:
    • What to talk to about
    • Why you want your customers to hear this
    • Where they can buy from you

These are the basics to my business plan: Organize and implement. It sounds so simple but once you have your business defined, your ideal customer mapped out and learn how to connect with your audience it becomes fun!

It can feel like a lot at first, but that’s where the Marketing Planner for Entrepreneurs come in. to help be your business Bible!

We Can Make That!
Using a planner for business

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  1. Hi Chelly,

    I tried to leave a review of the planner I purchased but the link in the email sent me to the page to buy the planner. I looked all over the page but could not find where to leave a review. Doesn’t mean it’s not there because I overlook things. I would like to leave a review, I love the planner just need to remember to use it.


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