Three tips to increase your blog revenue

As an online entrepreneur, we are all trying to get more people to our website, blog or Etsy store. Right?

Heck ya! So what is the trick you ask?

I’ve been running a freelance business since 1997 and in 2016 went knee-deep into the online space.

On this adventure, I found 3 things that will help you grown and I’m going to share them today with you!

The key factor here is increasing your traffic is really key here. Let me share my 3 tips to get this done.

2022 Small Business planner

Tip #1 to increase your blog traffic

Consistency. It’s that simple.

Are you posting on your social media on a regular basis? Or are you posting for 5 days straight and then not again for 7 days? I was that way like most bloggers starting out.

But now I use my planner to come up with themes and create content to match. That was my missing link, I didn’t know what to post to build up to the next thing. I developed this planner that helps me decide and then schedule it out.

It doesn’t just work for me either. See how Michelle from went from 50,000 engagement to 500,000 from using my planner.

That leads me to tip #2….

Tip #2 to increase your blog revenue


If you have nothing new to look at then why would people return or new people land on your pages or website? Sounds so easy, but it takes time.

I started out with 1 social media post a day and 2 blog posts a month. Now I’ve grown to multiple times a day and at least 1 blog post on the website each week.

Find your normal. Push yourself but don’t go crazy. Slow and steady wins the race!

Blogger sitting on the floor working on her marketing plan!
Bloggers need to take time to work on her marketing plan!

#3: Tip to increase your blog revenue

Create A Plan.

Business growth doesn’t just happen by accident! Happy accidents only happy with trees or mountains for Bob Ross. LOL

Create a marketing plan (use the planner to walk you through this if you are not a marketing expert). Small steps each day or each week are what will make the big progress happen.

Map out your end game for your business and work backward, filling in what you need to do and when to do it. These actionable steps will make you grow!

Want to hear more? Check out this Facebook Live where I show you how my Planner for Entrepreneurs can help you run your blog.

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