The Best 2024 Small Business Planner

This planner was designed for you, the creative business owner looking to remove some overwhelm, be more productive, and earn more while spending less time on your business. This is why it’s called the best, dated content planning for small business owners!

A Marketing Planner for Entrepreneurs that will help increase your business’ revenue without having to hire an expensive marketing guru.

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This planner comes with free training for each section and how it helps your business.

3 Reasons You Need This 2024 Small Business Planner:

1. This planner will help you Organize Your Social Media

Manage your social media content and remove the daily overwhelm in your business. Take charge of your marketing plan even if you’re not a marketing expert!

2. This planner has been known to help you Increase Your Income

You’ll make more money. My planner guides you on using social media to grow – by attracting the right followers, you’ll increase your engagement and increase your income.

3. This planner is a tool to help you Eliminate Your Overwhelm

Online business owners often feel overwhelmed or chaotic. Finally, become more productive with the planners’ built-in checklists designed for creative businesses like yours.

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How The Perfect Small Business Planner Can Help YOU!

How does a planner do all of that?

Well, you see, first I should explain this little secret I discovered YEARS ago (I’ve been an entrepreneur since 1997). Ready? “Our brains are made for ideas, not storage.”

This means, as a creativepreneur, we have a million ideas daily (some times per hour, right?!). Not to mention we are also thinking of all the things we need to do. And that alone leaves us exhausted and overwhelmed.

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Insert the need for a small business planner to control most of that (the to-do list, not the creative brain).

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This small business planner has checklists built-in so you don’t need to remember all the things. And with the checkboxes and prompts, it keeps you on track and the best part is, you don’t need to remember it ALL – just fill in the blanks!

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The Perfect Small Business Planner For Creative Business Owners

Business and marketing tasks are built into each day, week, and monthly page, to keep you on track with earning more money without the overwhelm.

Who is this 2024 Small Business Planner perfect for?

  • Bloggers or Online Businesses
  • Coaches or Membership Owners
  • Makers (i.e. Etsy shop owners and artists)
  • Facebook Marketplace and Online Boutiques
  • Anyone running an online business!
  • Anyone manage a brick-and-mortar store
  • Social Media Managers
Posting With Purpose™ No more wondering what to post and when to post it!

This Small Business Planner helps you make more sales by managing how you show up online = more sales for your business. Marketing adds direction to your posts, content, and sales.

Finally, take control of all of these tasks to increase your income. Grab your planner today.

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