Listen Up, Chelly – Podcasts You Might Enjoy

Below are a few podcasts you should check out with yours truly as a guest! (Is this really my life?? Chatting business with business friends!) Most of them started out as strangers and ended up as friends. We chat about crafting for business, marketing, and planners (of course!).

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Chatting Marketing with a Business Buddie

Kasey and I love to chat about business for busy moms. In this podcast on the Naptime Hustle, we chat about planning your marketing.

naptime Hustle chelly Ontis

Do You Have a Business BFF?

Listen to Michelle from Let’s Book Clients and I as we chat about how our friendship is a game changer for our business!

Let's Book Clients

Michelle and I did another podcast where we chatted about marketing planning for our social media.

Let's book clients

If you love planners, listen up!

My friend Mim loves planners as much as I do, so it was doubly fun to chat with her about marketing your creative business. Her podcast, The Planner Podcast, is about the fun of using a paper planner.

Chatting Leadership and Entrepreneurs

My friends at the RAYMA team know how to wake up the leader in all of us. Give this Fearless Leader Podcast a listen, and b e prepared to make a difference.

Calling All SVG Designers

If you want to hear tips and ideas for starting or growing your SVG business, check out Jav’s SVG Business Podcast!

Girl Means Business … and fun!

OMG, I’m A Guest…

On the OMG I’m Launching Podcast. Ken is the launching expert if you need some tips!

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