4 Things Every Creative Business Needs to Have

I’m guessing you post your handmade items and before you can add it to your home someone is asking to buy it from you. This sparks the idea that it’s time to turn this hobby into an actually business. Dare to dream this could be your income.

Does that idea scares you a little? But in a good way?

All the unknown of turning your hobby into a business feels like a sea of overwhelm. This makes us creatives usually just keep doing the same old, same old. Imagine if you had started a year ago, where would you be now?

Craft Show
Are you ready for your first Craft Show?

Don’t worry girl, you got this. Its easier than you think. And I can help you with some shortcuts and tips along the way to help you succeed.

Let’s explore the idea of this being a business.

How about we start with the basics? There is a LOT to know and there’s somewhat of an order that will make it easier for you to grow your business. I’ve been there, so I can help you with a few shortcuts.

Here are 4 Things Every Creative Business Needs to Have

  1. Change your mindset.
  2. Stop selling on your personal Facebook page.
  3. Pick a name and register it with your state.
  4. Look into how to take payments.

Let me share a little more detail on these 4 things every creative business needs to have. Spending a little time right away and getting these done right will help you succeed and even grow faster. This means more income from your business, whether it’s a side-gig or soon to be full time J-O-B

1. Change Your Mindset

The first person who needs to take your business serious is YOU. Schedule time to work on growing your business. This is in addition to time it takes for the things you get paid to do/create.

Changing your mindset will also help when all these people want your stuff for discount or free simply because they know you.

2. Stop selling on your personal Facebook page.

As I write this, it is against Facebook’s terms of service to sell items on your personal Facebook page. I’m guessing you don’t want to loose pics of all your fun memories, right?? (before you comment or message me let me say, just because someone else does it doesn’t make it ok.) And once your page is deleted by Facebook for breaking these rules, there’s no take backs. Gone is gone in Facebook land.

If makes you a little concerned, jump into our Free Facebook group and we help you figure out the best route to avoid losing your page.

Once you have your business page, it’s ok to share your business page content/posts onto your personal page to sell to some friends. It’s good to keep them separate so you can take some time off once and while too.

3. Decide on a Business Name that Helps you Grow

Mom working at home

Picking a name is fun. Overwhelming. Exciting. And full of possibilities.

The key element to keep in mind is to Keep It Simple! As creatives, we want to be clever, cute, fun and name it something that is meaningful to us. However, these often hinder your growth because they leave new customers confused. Here are some tips can help you get more sales:

  • What do you sell/offer?
  • Who is your customer
  • Search Social Media & other Websites to see if the name you want is available. A simple Google search is helpful.

If you need help with this grab our PDF to help guide you in picking the best name for your business.

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4. Decide on how to take payments

I am always singing this one from the mountain tops: “Get paid before you create.” Actually, on advice from my 6th grade teacher I don’t really sing. But it’s good advice whether it’s sung, whispered, or vinyled onto your wall. LOL.

Setting up a payment system adds professionalism to your business. This step also makes it harder for customers to try to negotiate the price.

Dealing with customers

People can’t ask PayPal for a discount on your amazing sign or beautiful jewelry.

Have you ever had a no show for a custom order? This situation is another good reason to have a system to set to take payments when they order. And when it’s a customized item, this is even more beneficial for people to prepay. This step takes off some of the stress of money and makes your life easier. It’s worth the commission or small percentage these online apps take (like Paypal or Stripe). You can always raise your price a small percent if your profit/expense margin is already tight.

Business Success Starts with You

selling handmade items

These 4 Things Every Creative Business Needs to Have in place are really simple tasks you should be doing right away. You are never to small to implement any of them. Take it from me. They will make your life easier.

Want more tips like these to run a creative business? Check out our group where we walk though ways to implement business help and earn more from out hobby.

Learn to Sell Your Handmade Items Group

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Need some encouragement?

These are a few motivation SVGs you are welcome to use for personal use. If you want commercial right, check out our group for creative businesses. You get rights to create items to sell.

Make yourself a sign or add them to a notebook cover to keep you on track of your dream turning to a goal.

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