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Tips for Naming our Business

How to pick a business name that grows your business

You want to pick a name that helps your business grow.

Your goal is probably to grow fast, right? Kuddos to you for starting down the right path. Picking a name is about your customers and how they will find you.

Let’s go over a few common mistakes and some tips to consider to pick the perfect name for your business.

What word defines your business? That’s the base of your name.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

Be sure to avoid these pitfalls and you’ll be growing in no time.

  • Avoid misspellings or wrong spellings. Often cute names come out and creative businesses will spell them wrong.
    • One example is Kreations by Kelly instead of Creations by Kelly.
  • Avoid using words or your name that no one can spell. If your name is hard to spell try to use something totally different. If no one can find you, this is going to make growing your business difficult and costly.
  • Naming the business after something that has nothing to do with your niche. A common example is when people tell me about a loved one who has passed and they are honoring him or her by naming their business after them. They are struggling to get followers and sales cause their clients can’t find them online because of this name.

What’s Your Niche? Does your name speak that brand/niche?

Tips for picking a name

One key factor to keep in mind is: Keep It Simple! Our creative brains want to be clever, cute, fun and all that. However, these often hinder your growth because they leave potential customers confused. These tips can help you get more sales:

  • What do you sell/offer? Often cute names come out and that creativeness makes it hard for people to know what you offer.
  • Who is your customer. Get inside your customers’ head. Name the business something that speaks to THEM – This makes it easier to attract the right followers.
  • Search Social Media & Websites to see if the name you want is available. It’s so frustrating to find a perfect name only to find out it’s already taken. Look at what things come up when you search, do these pertain to your niche?

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Worksheet to Guide You

If no one can find you online it’s going to make growing your business hard for you. But good news, we have a plan to help you figure this out. Download this FREE PDF and brainstorm some ideas to help you pick the right name.

Need a worksheet to help with this process?

We’ll send you a Free Printable PDF Worksheet that will help you narrow down this step.

Need guidance in starting a business?

If you are ready to rock and roll, and not only name your business but open your social media accounts and dive into the world of a creative entrepreneur then I have a group for YOU!

My Learn to Sell Your Handmade Ideas group is what you need for success.

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