This group is for creative business owners looking to master their marketing to grow their businesses.

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A group to help you stay motivated and learn about marketing that best fits your business.

Are you looking for a group of like-minded creatives who want to grow their creative business?

Affordable monthly group for creative business owners to learn marketing and grow their business!

What to expect with your membership:

  • Monthly session with an action plan to apply the marketing technique to YOUR business.
  • It’s almost like a monthly checklist, at the end of the year you’ll see results that last!
  • Zoom sessions, ask questions and get real answers.

Affordable Help

Learn about marketing at a price you can afford! I’ve made this affordable and just the right amount of content not to overwhelm you.

Monthly Zoom

Monthly Zoom meetings to learn easy-to-follow marketing tasks. Tips for quick wins or make your business look more professional.

Marketing Mentor

Lead by a marketing guru with almost 30 years of experience. Plus, other creative business owners to hold each other accountable = a game changer.

Sessions are held in a members-only exclusive Facebook group.

Who is this group for?

Many of the attendees are Marketing Planners for Entrepreneur owners not only because it works – but also to help them stay organized. And when adding in a group, you will see progress in reaching your goal!

How Many Trainings are Each month?

I know you have TONS to do already, so this group is one monthly Zoom call (replays available). They are centered on marketing that works for creative business owners.

Is this for New or experienced business Owners?

This group is great for all levels. Marketing works best when you can see the next step and remember where you came from, this group is mix of all creative business owners.

Do you often Lose the Motivation for Your Planner?

On January 1st, we are all good planner users… But as the year goes on, we lose interest or get sidetracked from our goals. This group is designed to keep you on track. Join today!