Commercial Use SVG files

What does ‘Personal Use’ or ‘Commercial Use’ on an SVG file mean to crafters?

A common question I get is asking the differences on Commercial Use SVG files and personal use. So, I thought it was time to update this blog post about Commercial Use, Crafter’s License or Personal Use terms used on many SVG sites.

Commercial use SVG mean

First, I’m NOT a lawyer. I’ll walk you through the basics and how you can use the files found on my site, but you should consult legal help to make sure your business is set up correctly.

This post pertains to how I run my blog here at We Can Make That, and how I protect my SVG designs in my shop. (I’ve been a graphic designer since the mid 1990s and this is how I have always treated mine and other designs.)

commercial license svg

Can you use an SVG for commercial use?

It doesn’t take a law degree to know I can NOT use other people’s designs to build MY business unless I have their permission (either by verbal or by buying the rights). So, for example, I will never have a Disney® design in my SVG shop (cause I can’t afford the mess it would cause if they found out or another company’s design for that matter).

The great thing is, as an entrepreneur, we get to make a lot of our rules for our business. But, as a freelance graphic designer since 1997, I appreciate the fact that there ARE laws to protect my designs.

® Register Mark

Did you know that when you find an image online, there doesn’t have to be a ® (Register Mark) on the image for rights to be owned by someone? (Meaning you can’t use it without their permission).

So, just assume all images you find do NOT give you permission to use them unless you find it says otherwise.

Simply Stated: As a creator/designer, your items are protected as you design them. Usually getting others to respect or understand this is usually the problem in the online space.

Just like a photographer who takes your pictures, he/she instantly owns the rights to that image, even though it might have your face in it. This is so until you pay for rights, or they have given you the rights for free. And they are usually limited to how and where you can reprint them.

CPS Summit graphic
commercial use mean for SVG files
When making and selling graphic t-shirts, be sure to use art that is commercial use.

This means you usually can not take a graphic, picture, or image you find online, get prints made, and sell them for profit.

For a design file example, when I design a logo, I own that design until I turn it over to the customer (and I design a LOT of logos these days for creative entrepreneurs!). If your logo designer does not pass over the rights, they will probably do so, leading to them charging you each time you need the file.

A professional graphic designer will turn over the rights after you have agreed on the said design.

Our SVG Club is perfect for Crafters and Small Business Crafters

If you don’t have time to design files but love making items to sell: This SVG Club is perfect for you!

  • Professionally designed files for Shirts, Cards, Signs
  • Print on Demand Option (just add my website & copyright)
  • Access to all the SVGs in the shop + the new files added while in the club.

Now, let’s talk about how commercial rights apply to SVGs:

Personal Use Rights for SVG Files

If you are a crafter – making things for yourself and your home – then this article doesn’t really apply to you. That type of use for SVGs is considered personal use. If you make a craft and gift it to someone, my Personal Use SVG rights fall into this situation.

So, craft away, my friends! We have lots of fun things in our shop!

What does commercial use mean for SVG files?

Commercial use or Crafter’s License is for business use. Now, let’s say you are a crafter like I just mentioned, and soon people are saying, “how much for you to make me one of those __________” [Fill in the blank: shirts, wall art, tumblers, wall or car types of vinyl, etc…]

This is where you cross the line from personal use to Commercial Use or Crafter’s License, as you are now using someone’s design to make.

commercial use mean for SVG files

Even if you were not exchanging money but trading something for said item, this is considered Commercial Use. Let’s say you traded babysitting time for your kids for this item you created. That is the start of a business and falls under Commercial Use or Crafter’s License.

(Side note, if that IS your life you should check out our FREE Facebook group for crafters toeing the line between business and crafter. It’s free and has simple trainings to get you going or help you decide if this is what you want to jump into.)

Chelly going live
Chelly is in her design studio designing, going live, and creating content for her creative business.

Rights that Never Included in Personal or Commercial File Rights:

I shouldn’t say “never” here, but I suggest reading the fine print on the files you are using. These rules apply to ALL of my SVG files on this site.

  • You can NOT resell the design/digital file in your shop or share for free with anyone else.
  • Please NEVER sell items you make, or trade for compensation, without the file having a Commercial Use or Crafter’s License.
  • You can NOT alter and resell the digital design in any form. (Meaning you can not use my files to create other digital files you sell).
  • NO file sharing: Businesses and Personal Crafters! Simply share the link to my site where you found the design, and your crafting friends can buy/download their own. (This helps support the blog so I can bring you even more files, especially the free ones!)

So, how do you get Commercial Rights or Crafter’s Licenses for SVGs?

Simply put: Buy one or request one.

Ask for one on the sites that don’t offer a place to buy the rights. The consequence of breaking this can be so devastating to a small business that it’s not worth the risk of legal action by the designer/business owning the file.

What does commercial use mean for SVG files

And you don’t have to comment and tell me about all the Disney®, Marvel®, or other licensed items being sold in-person and online illegally. So, I would tell you, other people’s bad business practice is none of your business, and that won’t help you succeed.

If you are going down the road of an entrepreneur from hobby to business, you want to be a reputable company from day one. There are so many other great ways to sell more and build the amazing business you are dreaming of today.

How to get Commercial Use SVGs or Crafter’s License SVGs on We Can Make That

We offer a couple of different ways you can use our files to build your business.

This type of SVG/Crafting website is not free to maintain. The time and technology costs are more than I expected for sure! So, to support this passion of mine — this website, the free SVGs and all the other fun things we have here — we offer a variety of ways people can purchase/use our items.

SVG Club
  • Free SVGs on the site include both commercial and personal use.
  • We have Commercial Use, or Crafter’s License for the SVG files in our shop. This is for small business use only. Meaning, if you are making handmade products, you can use our SVGs.
  • If you want to use them to do print-on-demand or if you are a larger business (See details on our Angel Policy) please reach out as this is not included.
  • We do not offer a license to use our files to create other SVG files or to resell them as your own.
  • For Print on Demand type business. Make sure the item fits our income threshold and we ask that you add © to each design (8-point font or larger).

My why.

My “why” I now have a Craft business.

I hope this helped clear up what file you need to turn your business into a hobby. This adventure has been amazing for me. Not always easy, but always worth it! I hope you join the fun of owning a creative business.

Crafting Tutorials and FREE SVG cutting files
Here is where WCMT started, a bedroom turned office in my first home of my own in 2016.

I started this site in 2016 as a way to escape the reality of my messy divorce. Creative Therapy I called it. I needed a creative outlet during this ugly time. I was able to share my creativity and focus on something fun. It helped me focus on the healing I needed from the ‘garbage’ my first marriage brought me and my kids.

Divorce IS messy. This blog helped me heal and move on. Now it’s my fun time (but also takes ton of time!).

Another reason for this adventure, I became a single mom of two tweenagers and needed to increase my income. This type of business doubled my income and gave me the freedom I needed to be with them.

Again, it wasn’t easy, but it is SO worth it.

As I write this I have been a freelance graphic designer at Elegant Designs since 1997, and now We Can Make That is here to help you build your creative dreams too.

What other crafting business questions do you have? I would love to chat more below or jump into the free Facebook group I mentioned above.

Happy (business) Crafting!

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  1. Thank you do much for providing this information. I often worry about giving items I make as gifts. Your guidance has been clear and helpful. As I’m new to the craft , I want to make sure I am respectful of the rules. Again thanks for giving this information.

  2. Do i have to buy a license for my own svg or is it just a disclaimer stating about how my svg can b used…
    I’m confused on where the license comes from…

    1. As the designer you set the rules for how your design is used. But for more details, you can consult a lawyer, as I am not one. ha. But this is how I run my SVG design rules.

  3. Hey there, so I am new to this!! If I purchase a commercial license will I then be able to use any svg or font (that requires a commercial license) or do I have to purchase a license through each person and for every svg or font I buy/use.

    1. The rights to each file and font are set by the designer. If you buy our year subscription to our shop, you can use them all. But the individual items are for personal use only. So you need to buy them for each one. Or grab our membership, it comes to about $4/month for access to everything in the shop for personal AND commercial use!

  4. I’m really new to this and I just need a small clarification. If you buy the commercial use for like an image can you put other items around it or you have to use it exactly as is?

    1. I believe it’s ok to add to it unless their commercial rights say otherwise. But I can’t say I’ve heard of that for SVGs images. Good question. thanks for asking!

  5. Thanks so much for your info. Just so I get this right, if you make a file or design using a free font, can you then give this away for free? And is there any way you could then sell this later?

    Or do you need to handwrite and design everything from scratch?

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Nick, this depends on the rights for the font (free or paid). Some free fonts are for personal use only. So double check where you downloaded it from.

      Also, some people have ‘free’ fonts that are not their font, so if you aren’t sure keep searching until you are sure you found the maker of the font. I usually get my fonts on or Creative Market. they are both very clear on how you can reuse them.

      I delete fonts off my computer that are not for commercial use just to be sure.
      Good luck! ~Chelly

  6. I like the “Trailer” SVG you made, as Camping is a small hobby we do in the Spring / Summer to visit family!

  7. We all need outlets. It’s so important. I started crafting tohelp my teaching career and make stuff for students. It’s sk hard with almost no money to get things up and running but I love it so I try. I am hoping this provides a little side money to help me better my sons life. It’s terrible not having enough to provide. I figured this would be something I enjoy doing to supplement income and bring me peace of mind from all my stresses.

    1. Nice! And good thing you are in our group, cause you get to use ALL of ours from our site in your business. Thanks, Amanda!