Creative therapy begins at home.

Welcome to my creative therapy. Or maybe I should start this out by saying, hello.

Hello new friends.

Hello is a great way to start since it’s where I began this adventure. The first time I cut the word ‘HELLO’ on my Cricut I was hooked. Being a graphic designer by day, I decided a simple font or the cartridges that came with my Cricut machine, was not enough. So, I started designing my own and hardly used ready made items. As I get my blog up and running I hope to regularly post the downloadable SVG files so you can make the items I post with a few clicks. Later, I plan to have some you can buy also. Check out the SVG Store today!

Burlap wreath hello door
Burlap wreath hello door

How it began

To set the story, I’m not a writer [so bear with me please] but I’m a creative mind with a craft room, sewing station, Cricut® owner, and I have shelves full of paint, brushes, scrapbooking items. Oh, and I am self-proclaimed DIY-er all rolled into my home office. I regularly use this office for my graphic design studio (since 1997) out of my home during the day. I share this with my 2 teenage kids and my adorable cat (watch for photo bombs by him often as he’s always trying to “help”).


My Pile of Notes

My pile of notes that started this blog, We Can Make That!, says I will focus on the DIY projects I enjoy doing all the time.

My sister-in-law/friend and I are always sharing craft related items and saying, We Can Make That!

So, the name was born.


Crafting Tutorials and FREE SVG cutting files
Crafting Tutorials and Free SVG files


Items I love to share and will probably fill my posts are:

  • LOTS of SVG designs
  • Garage-sale-finds turned treasures
  • Items we can enhance by adding vinyl to them
  • DIY tutorials
  • Scrapbooking
  • Card making and more!

Lately, I’ve added photography [my old hobby] back into to my list of creative therapy. All of which I plan to share on here… plus whatever else comes to mind.

I hope you come back and visit me often. Be sure to like my Pinterest boards and Facebook page as well for quick links.

We Can Make That!

Chelly Ontis
Chelly Ontis, SVG designer in 2016 when We Can make That was born.


About Chelly

DIYs and designing SVG files are my passion. I feel so blessed to get to do what I love on this site for work. If you are a crafter or a craft business owner, I invite to look around and have fun! Read more…

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  1. Thanks for your helpful tips as I learn to use my Cricut Joy. I am having one problem though- I have three lines of different fonts- all good so far. Then I ungroup to lines and move them all separately- still good.
    Then I ungroup to letters to move them closer together but then once I am happy, I can’t return to that line to reposition it as the ‘ungroup to lines’ isn’t bold- are you with me? If I select it, it selects all three lines???
    I would sooooo appreciate a helpful hint:)
    Thanks heaps