Ways My Planner Will Grow Your Business

There are so many ways this planner will be helpful to you as you build your business. Below I’ve written a few highlights, and I have a Facebook live to share about them as well.

#1 Having a Plan = Success

This is a very important way my planner can help you grow your business. You won’t get further in business today if you don’t know where you are going. So, it’s time to set an end goal, make a plan and watch success happen.

Example. You want to increase traffic to your website or Etsy store. You need a plan for this to happen because simply saying it won’t help get you more traffic. One way would be to create more content so users have a reason to keep coming back. And my planner has prompts built in to help you with this type of goal (& many others).

#2 – Be Consistent

We hear this all the time in the online world especially. Showing up regularly is a key factor in success and another idea to fill in those blank pages and will end with helping you grow your business.

This year you will regularly get in front of your customers and connect with them = ending in a more profitable year. And with the planner prompts we will remove so much overwhelm from you day!

Here are a few consistent reminders my planner has built-in:

  • Show up regularly on your social media, in Lives, on stories and postings.
  • Be consistent with your blogging.
  • Create new products for your current customers and attract new ones.
  • Keep on track with business reminders.

How does this really work?

With a schedule, my friend!

My planner for Creative Entrepreneurs helps you achieve this with it’s built in prompts for marketing, checklists for social media and so much more.

#3 Market Your Self

We do this by creating new content and marketing the old stuff too!

That’s right. You need to start sharing blog posts or products you already have done. And my planner will help grow your online business with the marketing prompts built right in each year, month, week and day!

I like to say my planner is Marketing Made Simple for the non-marketer.

My Planner helps you remind clients who have already bought from you about other products they might like, or inform them of a service you have that go along with something else they already purchased from you. Things like…

  • Your newest (or another) opt-in
  • Coupons for your store
  • Services you provide
  • Course or membership you have
  • Emails you send out with valuable information
  • Invite them to like your page or join a Facebook group

What if you used these prompts to sell to who ever you already have on your list. Increasing your over sales by 10%? That would for sure pay for the planner and increase your sales overall. It’s a no brainer, order today!

Planner Options

We offer Downloadable you can print yourself or we can ship you a spiral planner. They have pretty pearl-colored spirals this year!

BONUS! Training for my planner

Did you know my planners come with free training??

Yep, you can join our free Facebook group and jump into learning how to use it and watch videos on how to marketing your business.

  • Ask questions
  • Connect with others in your niche
  • Learn marketing tips
  • And it’s free!

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  1. You have shared some really useful tips for small business owners. As an online entrepreneur, I find your tips so helpful especially as I plan how my 2020 will be. Thanks.

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