How to 100X Your Facebook Reach

It sounds like a scam, or that it will take all you have left in your soul when you already feel overwhelmed to achieve 100X more reach on your business Facebook page.

You are already doing it all – customer care, posting, janitor, emailing customers and vendor, CPA tasks, mom…. the list goes on-and-on. But I have good news. You are already doing all these things, you just need a simple plan to connect your marketing to your to-do list. Let’s meet Michelle Braswell from and see how easy it can be to 100X your Facebook reach too.

Like yourself, Michelle is doing it all for her business. I’m sure you know what I mean entrepreneurs! She was doing the “things” to connect with her audience online. She was doing it ALL:

  • Posting on Facebook
  • Stories on Instagram
  • Answering emails and DMs
  • Writing blog posts
  • Going Live on Facebook… Instagram …
  • Creating a course and membership
  • Connecting with Brides and helping them plan their BIG day
Planner for Social media engagement
Michelle and I in 2021 at a retreat planning out our businesses for the year.

Overwhelm as an entrepreneur can look like this…

Starting each day with a HUGE to-do list and ending with that feeling she was BUSY all day long but not feeling like she got ahead.

  • She was posting
  • She was creating blogs
  • She was connecting with her audience
  • She was overwhelmed, exhausted and not moving fast enough for the work she was doing each day.

What was missing? A marketing plan!

You can do all these tasks, but if you’re not doing them with a purpose your audience doesn’t know what you want them to do next. That’s where the Marketing Planner for Entrepreneurs comes into play.

Michelle and I at our Execute Retreat in 2021.

Michelle used her Marketing Planner for Entrepreneurs and by letting the monthly, weekly, and daily prompts help guide her content and posting she took her Facebook reach from 50,000 to 500,000. Now that’s SUCCESS!

Now, that’s how to 100X your Facebook reach!

Feeling a little jealous? Do you want those same results? It’s possible and with less overwhelm for you too!

Our Marketing Planner for Entrepreneurs is such a reasonable tool for business owners for the cost of reaching this many more customers. It has so many other features that help business owners too. Read more here.

Michelle came to North Dakota to do our annual Mastermind Retreat, called Execute, where we dive deep into our businesses and make some serious plans for 2021. We were so excited, we got a HUGE jump start on these said plans and have so much in place. Here’s a fun interview I did with Michelle at our AirBnB about how she used the planner when I first created it.

Order today!

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