Organizing Your Creative Business’ Marketing Plan

What’s your to-do list look like today? Messy? Too long? … or are you thinking, “who the heck has time to make a list??

This was all me. Chaos was my main business plan. And guess what? I didn’t get very much done each day without my entrepreneur planner.

But oddly enough I was soooooooo busy each and every day. It was exhausting, to say the least.

One day I decided to get myself organized after I heard someone say, “our brains are made for ideas, not storage.”

Genius! That’s my problem. As a business owner there was too many “to-do” items each day that I was overwhelmed!

It got me thinking, if I had a checklist to use each day, week, month and year it could keep me and my business goals on track with less brain power.

And that it did.

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FREE Marketing Checklist

I have a little checklist here for you with my marketing list.

These are the things I wanted to be sure I did each day, week, month and year to build my business.

The plan for my entrepreneur planner

That very week I wrote out my tasks and designed my planner.

Making list for each area of entrepreneurial tasks like:

  • Marketing
  • Accounting and billing tasks
  • Business growth (like blogging and content creation)
  • Social media management reminders and checklists

I mapped them out over the days, weeks, months and a year. Now my to-do lists each day finally felt manageable!

Wow. My other entrepreneur friends thought this was gold.

lady using my entrepreneur planner

I was just happy to help myself keep on track as I ran the 3-4 parts of my businesses. But it was time to share this great tool in running my own business plus having a family (my husband and I had 5 teenagers in the house at that time).

Fast forward and now we are on the second printing for this planner! YAY!

It’s better than ever and loved by so many users.

My entrepreneur planner really helps!

My friend Michelle used my entrepreneur planner and went from engagement of almost 50,000 on her BridePath Facebook page to OVER 500,000 in just months. Crazy right?

Watch her story here:

Are you ready to organize your business?

I invite you to grab one of planners today!

Do you feel organized in your business?

I don’t think anyone really ever says, yes. 100% of the time. But if you feel you have a grip on most of your day and the end result then I bend a knee to you girl. I imagine you are seeing results you have once dreamed of.

If you are laughing about that feeling of organization in your life, I invite you to give my planner a try.

Make this your year for success.

We Can Make That!

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