4 Simple Ways to Stand-out and Earn More Money

I’m guessing if you are the type to make a new year resolution, or a business plan, one of the items is to increase the revenue from your business. I hear ya, I’m right there with you. Let me share 4 simple ways to stand out and earn more money in your business income and keep that resolution or plan with little effort from you!

Good Marketing is What Makes You Stand Out

It sounds simple but if you are not a marketing expert, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are 4 ways marketing puts you in the place to grow your income.

  1. Saves You Time = spend free time doing the things that make you money.
  2. Builds Trust with Your Audience = makes it easier for fans to buy from you!
  3. Adds a Professional Look = Become the business your fans WANT to do business with.
  4. Makes Life Easier as a Business Owner = Less overwhelm and more head space to do the things that make us money.

I feel like I could drop the mic here and walk off, but I won’t. Let’s walk through each one chat through some actionable steps to put them into place for your business.

Let’s begin with some terms for marketing and branding so we are on the same page.

  • Our BRAND is the visual that customers get when they hear our name.
  • MARKETING is how we use our brand.

No. 1: Saves You Time

Having a branding foundation in place for your business will save you time (& remove some overwhelm). No more hunting for fonts, colors, places to posts, email topics to create, deciding on the when to post all this good stuff… It makes marketing take up less of your time and helps you stand out to your customers more often!

marketing tips
Take time to map out your plan. It will pay off ten-fold!

No. 2: Adds a Professional Look

If your website, Etsy shop or social media platforms look wonky, messy, cluttered, and are all over the place without a hint of your brand, this gives viewers an uneasy feel making it harder for them to trust giving your credit card info or even an email address.

Having a strong brand in place is the best way to add professionalism to your business. And the professional look makes it’s easy for your audience to feel you are serious about business. A strong brand portrays your cohesive design giving your brand a clear message.

Professional Brands Have…

  • Cohesive designs
    • Usually, they are 3 font selections, 3 colors, and a message that has a purpose for your brand/business.
  • A clear message for your customers/clients
  • Marketing plan to get your message out.
Organize Your Brand Course
Once these three items for a brand are in place you have a clear path to making more money!

Need help with getting clear on what your brand is? Or how to define your brand with fonts, logos and colors to marketing your amazing business? Try Chelly’s free training!

Free Branding Training

No. 3: Builds Trust with Your Audience

When you have a professional brand it builds trust with your audience. This is good if you are about to ask for a credit card from them. Or for their trust to join a group of yours (free or paid). Even for something as small as an email address, this applies as well.

selling handmade items
Taking time for a professional look can mean a new sale!

If they don’t personally know you and if they see you look like you know what you are doing, that could far pass any other site they are considering doing business with and comparing it to yours. Keep yourself above the competition!

No. 4: Makes Life Easier as a Business Owner

This is my favorite one! It lights me up! (It’s what inspired my Entrepreneur Planner.) When you take time to map out your marketing it grows your business without even trying. You spend your time doing your “thang” and before you know it business is skyrocketing!

Having tasks to complete instead of deciding what to post or go live about today is so much more productive. Especially when your month is planned and pushing your audience towards something in your business. This is a great way to increase sales.

Branding training

Why a Marketing Planner for Entrepreneurs

If you are still reading, you are ready to create a marketing plan for your business to help you earn more money. If you are scratching your head and not sure what to do first – Don’t worry. I have you covered with a tool that will help you stay organized and do things like

  • 4X your website traffic
  • 100x your Facebook engagement
  • Remove overwhelm
  • Connect with the fans you already have = make more without chasing new clients!

It helps you map out all 4 of these steps to making more money with your brand. Finally earn the income from your business you want!

Marketing Planner for Entrepreneurs
  • Schedule time to create your marketing plan (I usually take an hour each month and check in on it each week)
    • Decide what your end goal is: More followers, more sales, launches, website traffic
    • Break the plan down into steps you can complete: Go live grow following, more blogging to build website traffic
    • Make a specific list for each step above. Wedding DIYs: write blog posts about wedding DIYs, create new pins for old content and schedule out all pins, Plan lives on wedding topics and post on social media for blogs and tips for wedding DIY audience.

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