Spring DIYs with Your Cricut®

The calendar says it’s spring. I want to believe it’s spring.

Let’s jump into some spring DIYs and make our homes feel like spring if the weather doesn’t always show us. I think this is my favorite time of year. And I can’t wait to see the tulips come up.

First up on our DIY fun train is this bunny sign. The wood pallet looking type sign is from Walmart (or any craft store probably has them).

I love to use burlap and this DCWC Park Lane Natural Burlap Stack Paper burlap paper I cut the bunnies out of are from Joann Fabrics.

Spring DIY with your cricut

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Bunny DIY Sign

Supplies for Bunny Family Sign

  • Pallet Sign (or any sign base of your choice)
  • Burlap Paper or fun paper for bunny Family
  • Bunny Family SVG
  • Cricut Maker with Rotary Blade (The Maker worked best for this paper)
  • Colored Card stock for the banner flags
  • String or twine for the banner
  • Adhesive (I used glue dots)
  • Pom-poms for bunny cotton tails

To cut the burlap paper for the bunnies, you will want to use the rotary blade that came with the Maker for a smoother cut. I’ve shown how to set up the rotary blade on Cricut for another of my burlap projects. If you’ve never used the Cricut rotary blade before then you will want to watch this tutorial. It’s so easy to use and makes these types of products come out looking so much better.

Here is a similar sign I made on Facebook. This video walks you through the steps and also gives you a few ideas to get crating your next spring sign.

This is a simple DIY and an easy one to make with kids too!

Bunny Banner with SVG

Cricut Easter Bunny Burlap project

These have great potential for fun things this spring…

  • Add some spring fun to your home with these two images and hole punch them for a string and make a banner.
  • Cut them out on white paper, let the kids color or paint them and make a banner out of them.

Make your self a fun spring shirt!

Spring break is looking a different this year with our COVID-19 pandemic, we hope you are enjoying a spring break anyway. And spring break is always better if you can DIY yourself a funny shirt to go with it!

If you make this Easter Bunny project then send me a picture! I’d love to see how you take this project and personalize it to your taste.

Card time = Spring DIYs with Your Cricut

I enjoy making cards more than any other craft. Well, maybe scrapbook pages are a tie (but they take me a while, to get set up, to pick paper, and a design….) Cards are what I call a quick win. And I feel good using up supplies. Anyone else feel like a craft supply hoarder is finally paying off? LOL

Easter card SVG

This bunny card is a fun spring DIY to create with your Cricut®. Easy to make a few at a time too. One this one I used washi tape for the bunny. You could also use scrap paper, material, or, well. the list goes on an on.

If you use washi tape, be sure to press it down extra firmly. On this picture I show you how I made a Valentine’s day card with washi tape.

Some of the adhesive on the back doesn’t stick as well so press again and again. (show below)

Making cards is a great way to use our Cricut. You get to be creative and share some joy when you send it to someone. And then, you can buy more supplies. It’s a perfect circle of fun. haha

This is a simple card design you can make with your Cricut and Design Space. I walk you through the steps on this blog post.

You can comment below with your Spring DIYs you made with Your Cricut photo OR send it to me on my Facebook page! Can’t wait to see yours!

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