Cute way to add Ribbon to Your Christmas Tree

When do you put up your tree? I’m the type who decorates Thanksgiving weekend. In 2020, Thanksgiving feels late in the month so I put up most of our Christmas stuff the weekend before.

Today I finished the tree. It was fun without being exhausted from working on the rest of the decor! I think I found myself a new tradition! LOL

I have three sets of tree decor themes.

  • Candy cane and snowmen,
  • A mess of handmade or memory type ornaments and ..
  • My favorite: Disney® characters

These were a gift I ordered for myself in the early 90s and now I am so glad I invested them. Maybe I’m just young at heart, but I’m totally obsessed with Disney® movies (Little Mermaid and Cinderella are my favorites). I always find them inspiring.

Disney® ornament with Mickey

This year, I decided to go neutral and add a burlap garland ribbon to make the ornaments stand out more. It felt like a great idea but I love me a pop of color so it needed something more.

That lead me to ribbon. And it just happens I have a few hundred on hand. LOL! Anyone else??

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Cute way to add Ribbon to Your Christmas Tree

The hardest part is deciding on which ribbon to pick! I love all of them in my stash. haha.

I went red again this year for my pop of color. A wire ribbon works best for this project. I’ll show you why later.

  • Cut two of the thicker ones at 10-inches
  • Cut four of the 1-inch wide ribbon in a solid red and a burlap ribbon (to match the garland).
Cut ribbon for your Christmas Tree

I layered my favorite in front and the rest in a cross pattern behind it.

Next, I tied one of the burlap ribbons across the middle. Leave the tails long and curl them like the reds ones shown.

Now fan out the ends and curve to your liking. I added a curve in the snowflake one and then spiral curled the smaller ones.

Finished bow for my tree
Finished bow for my Christmas tree.

Working with the Ribbon

To curl the small ones I simply wrapped the strand around my finger. Then gently pulled to extend it.

Lastly, I adjusted the base to make the ribbon tails lay where I wanted them.

This is where the wire ribbon is helpful!

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Adding the Bows to Your Christmas Tree

I fanned out the ends and left the bottom clear to simply tuck them onto the tree branch. I might need to make a few more now that I see them I am loving them! This really is a cute way to add Ribbon to Your Christmas Tree without being to difficult. As a crafter, I feel I should be better at making bows, but I am not and this is adorable!

Ribbon on my Christmas tree
The finished tree…

What does your tree look like this year?

Do you do the same each year or mix it up? I love the tradition of the same couple ideas but adding new ribbon accents is a way to keep it fresh. Last year I added black and white buffalo plaid.

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