Cricut Christmas Card SVG Ideas

It’s December 22 and I don’t have my cards done. Who am I? 2020 is messed up… So, today I’m scrambling to get something done … Just kidding I’m crafting instead. I thought I can’t be the only one not done with these holiday tasks yet, so I wanted to share some Cricut Christmas Card SVG Ideas with you.

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Christmas Card SVG Ideas

Let’s make Christmas Cards with your Cricut!

Get creative with a snow globe card

This snow globe is so cute! It works great on a scrapbook page too. You can use some cute snowman stickers in the snow globe or you can cut pictures and put them inside.

Coffee goes with EVERY season!

I do love these cards, they are fun for other seasons as well. I usually use the card for Thanks A Latte cards. (dorky and punny, I know). haha. Using some festive Christmas paper is great too for a holiday card.

I enjoy using them as gift card tags too. The wrap can be the right size for a gift card holder. I used a die and embossed a snowflake on the wrap. Here’s the first one I made…

Coffee Cup SVG
Coffee Cup to go tag

The tags and cards are great for gift card holders. You can create a lot of these in a short amount of time. I think the hardest part is picking out the paper!

I like using textured paper for the lids. It adds a little more dimension. And I often use a kraft-paper on the cup wrap, like they do at Starbucks!

Gift Card Holder SVG

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Christmas Card Snowflake SVG

Elegant Snowflake Card That’s Easy to Create

This card can look so detailed and classy plus it’s so easy to make! I love both designs and ideas that come with this snowflake card. And it gives me a chance to use that sparkly, shimmery, and pretty paper I seem to collect. You can add a few gems or rhinestones to make it sparkle!

Ho ho ho! Easy to Make Santa Card

This one is my favorite card this year. The gray plaid background paper I think is so cute. This festive design I used for my clients this year for my graphic design and branding clients. I added some cute buttons to this design and it turned out so cute!!

Need more inspiration?

I hope you found some inspiration here. I love to create and share my designs with you all. If you make something I want to see it too! Join me in my SVG & DIY group on Facebook. Cause if you’re crafting, we are practically BFFs already! ha!



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