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How to Remove Iron-On from Sticky Cricut Mat

Could these new Cricut cutting mats be any stickier?? No. The answer is NO!

I’m glad they hold the product so firmly while it cuts, but some days it’s frustrating getting the stuff off. Hope this idea helps you remove the Iron-on from your sticky Cricut matt too!

Remove Iron-On from a Sticky Cricut Mat

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Today I found a way to remove iron-on from a sticky mat. I’m so excited to share the first couple shirts I’ve made with my Cricut® Maker, EasyPress, and BrightPad too. (Check out my previous post)

Check out the video for the details. It’s not foolproof but helpful for removing Iron-On from a sticky Cricut mat. This also works for removing vinyl.

I have been making iron-on shirts since my son was 2 years. He’s now in high school!! I printed a saying and surprised his dad with the announcement of his sister coming (who was my videographer here). Ha! Crazy how time flies. And crazy how technology changes. This process is so much easier with the EasyPress. I love it!

Cricut EasyPress in my craft room

EasyPress on my island in my craft room.

Here are a few tips I found that help:
  1. Press both sides of the shirt to help the iron-on adhere better.
  2. Be sure to find a hard/firm (heat resistant) surface to use for pressing.
  3. Remove from the mat before weeding. The BrightPad is helpful for these 40+ eyeballs!
  4. Under the EasyPress gets pretty warm when on. Find a cutting board or something for under it.

I like to remove it from the mat before weeding it. (First, I have to take back my BrightPad from my sleeping cat. HAHA)

I think it’s easier to weed after the product is removed from the mat, but this also depends on the design. Some designs might be easier to leave it on the mat, but the BrightPad isn’t too helpful when under the mat.

Cricut Brightpad guarded by my cat

Everyone loves the BrightPad

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Happy Crafting,

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