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Inspirational Quote SVGs

Inspirational SVGs – Be the Good

We all need a little extra cheer right now. Some inspiration to brighten our spirits. This saying has always been a favorite of mine.

The creative community believes this so much we have put together a list of other inspirational FREE SVGs for you. Check it out at the bottom of this post!

Inspirational SVG: Be the Good / Believe There is Good in the World

Even before this COVID-19 crisis this saying was my favorite. It can often feel there are lots of ugly things around us that bring a girl down.

Sometimes it’s situations like we have around us, like now, or maybe it’s something or someone around you personally. No matter the reason, make it the perfect situation to remind yourself that good lives all around us.

I believe in the idea of what we put out comes back. Karma and all that. This makes focusing on the good even more important.

Let’s dive into the good and make a fun DIY using this SVG.

My go-to when I’m home and have time is to create (and avoid the piles of laundry!). I always use Adobe Illustrator to design my SVGs. I’ve been using it since the 90s. Here’s a screenshot of the design where I was picking colors.

“I use Adobe Illustrator to design my SVG files.” ~Chelly

Inspirational SVG Be the Good Banner Idea

I love to buy these blanks during clearance on the off season. This white banner is from Hobby Lobby Christmas clearance last year!

Supply List

Watch How I Made This Banner

The craft part of making decor with my Cricut is the BEST part I think. Picking the colors, adding the embellishments is so FUN!! What’s your favorite part? I really enjoy weeding when I have time too. Although this one was SOOOOO easy. Especially with the Impressed Vinyl packs.

See more fun Inspirational Quotes on the bottom of this post.

Free SVgs

This project I made on a Facebook live. Check it out…

Grab the SVG and make yourself an inspirational decor item today! I played with adding some tassel-thingies (I think that’s what you call these? HA). My cat loves to eat strings so if I hang this in my craft room it could turn into a ‘snack’ so I went with the flowers above in teal.

Inspirational FREE SVG

Also, my other DIY friends have some inspiring SVGs too. Check them out here:

Other Inspirational Free SVG:

Which one is your favorite??

Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy them all.

Don’t forget to pin all the fun SVGs so you can use them later!

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