Card Ideas for Crafters

When people ask what my favorite thing to create is I usually say cards each time. Maybe it’s the quick win I feel of finishing a craft project. Probably because I get them done pretty fast when I do make cards. This is the inspiration behind showing you Card Ideas for Crafters on this post.

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Or maybe the smile I see on the faces of those I give handmade cards to. Either one is good I guess. Let’s see if I can inspire you to create some today!

Card Makers SVG bundle

I’ll go through my card box today and show you what I have and we can chat about how I come up with my card ideas as a crafter.

Baby Card Idea From An Old Paper Pack

Do you scrapbook? If you do, or did, I bet you have tons of paper packs from scrapbooking kits just sitting around. I like to use up cute embellishments and paper to make fun cards like this baby card.

This next baby card idea is from some CUTE stickers (the duck) and I use a printed card (all the tiny baby-themed words fit perfectly).

Baby card idea

I added the bubble stickers and stamped “Congratulations” on it for a FAST yet adorable, baby card. And of course, a card isn’t really finished without a cute bow somewhere! LOL

easy baby card with Cricut
Cricut and Romeo Siser

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Card Ideas for Crafters With Stamps

This one is a kit from Close To My Heart. They have SUCH cute stuff. I love all the colors they use and their stamps are the best I’ve crafted with over the years.

Thank you card idea

These next 2 cards are from a Close To My Heart kit. They often have adorable paper packs that are so fun to make look amazing when done because they have instructions and ideas if you need them.

Sympathy card idea

Isn’t that navy and yellow ADORABLE together?

This next one is a stamped birthday card idea. Perfect for the rocker dude (or dudette) in your life.

Stamped card idea
I made one of these for my son who can rock out on the bass…

Often I like to cut the stamp out by eyeballing a border around the image and then I used a pop-dot to attach it above the kraft paper bar. I wrapped some twine around the bar for some dimension after I stamped “Happy Birthday.”

On the card itself (from Michaels) I also stamped a grunge-looking blotch before attaching anything. This stamp set is also from Close to My Heart.

SVG Club
Cricut Birthday Card ideas

More Stamped Card Ideas for Crafters

This stamped card was a fun one too. The little white flowers are from Walmart. They also come in burlap too and they are equally cute!!

Simply stamp the coffee cup image and use colored pencils to add some color and dimension. On this one, I even added some black sparkle to the stamped image swirls but that didn’t photograph very well.

Stamped card idea

I hope these are inspiring you to create some cards today too!

Let’s keep going...

Easiest. Card. Ever.

No lie. This colored burlap card blank from Hobby Lobby almost makes a fun card on its own! Perfect for inspiration for Card Ideas for Crafters for sure! I may even have a drawer full. LOL

The puffy embellishments are from someplace online I ordered years ago but they matched perfectly for this one.

Burlap card idea

I am about to use this one for a thank you card for someone who did something really sweet for me.

I think it’s so stinking cute and this card idea took me seconds! Here is a close-up look at the puffy embellishments.

Burlap card idea

Card Ideas for Crafters to Make With Your Cricut

If you like to cut out your cards on the Cricut (or any personal cutter really) you can check out the card section in the shop.

Diaper Baby Card idea

Our most popular cards are the two cards shown here: a diaper card SVG and a coffee cup card SVG.

Both card SVG designs work great to tuck in a gift card too!

Coffee Cup idea

Thanks for reading. Did I inspire you to make a card? I’d love to hear all about it, join our Facebook group for crafters!

We Can Make That!

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  1. Chelly, I don’t exactly know where to write to you. I need someone’s help. I am trying to make a sweatshirt for my granddaughter with volleyball on it. I have a heat press and I had it at 301 degrees and 20 second. I took it off press and peeled when cold and the cover residue stayed on the print on the sweatshirt. Another shirt ruined. I have been reading all day and it says I should have a inkjet printer. And it also said a deskjet copier uses inkjet ink. I don’t have alot of money, I spent it all on cricut supplies.(lol)
    But seriously, I want to get better at crafting. Been to 2 craft shows, made 20,00 the first show and nothing the 2nd show. Last week I had a yard sale and didn’t sell any craft items. I am going tomorrow to buy a inkjet printer and another sweatshirt, Sorry I talked your ear off, but can you help me please???

    1. I get how it’s so hit and miss. And COVID isn’t helping. Try searching Pinterest for what’s selling now. that might help.

      For the shirt, is it sublimation? I’ve only worked on vinyl so I’m not much help. So sorry that happenings though. It can be so frustrating when craft projects don’t turn out. I often buy dollar store shirts and items to practice one. Some times that doesn’t help if the material is really different.