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Target Soap Dispensers

Easy Farmhouse Soap Dispensers with Your Cricut

I have not met a women who doesn’t love Target, and especially their dollar section. That’s where I found these ADORABLE soap dispensers. Aren’t they adorable??

Farmhouse soap dispensers
Nothing like the Target dollar section and creativity to make your kitchen even cuter, right?

These grabbed my eye right away and I instantly thought, “I can add vinyl to those….” I’m sure you have uttered those words to yourself before as well — and it’s like we are BFFs if you said yes. LOL

Supplies to decorate your Target Soap Dispensers!

  • Favorite Font: I use CZSkinny
  • Soap Dispensers (mine are from Target)
  • Cleaner – the vinyl sticks better if you clean the surface with a glass cleaner.

Making Farmhouse Soap Dispensers with Cricut

I started by cleaning the glass. This gives them a few minutes to dry before adding the vinyl. I spray a bit of cleaner of a paper towel and wipe them clean.

Target Soap Dispensers

I might have a font problem. For real bro…. ha. But I believe fonts help you create a feeling. Often setting the tone for the look you want to want in your home. Using files like our Gather Free SVG or adding some labels to things around your home. Like soap dishes!

In Cricut’s Design Space, I made a text box and typed the word DISH, adding a return after each letter. Be sure to center the text so it cuts correctly.

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When I said this was easy, I wasn’t kidding. That’s about it for this project. The base of this project is picking the right font. The font created the Farmhouse feel I was going for on this project and they looks so good in our kitchen. I think it’s close to Rae Dunn look but a little more playful.

Target Soap Dispenser

Measure the space you want your word to fit in. We don’t want to waste vinyl! ha.

Next, I played with the spacing to adjust the space between each letter. This should visually look even so adjust any of them if needed.

To keep them in place, be sure to attach them before you click Make it.

Easy Cricut project

I used the regular vinyl so they are not dishwasher safe. My plan was to just wash them as needed. They will hold up just fine and look so cute.

That way, you can use it later if you want. You are keeping the SVG design together for later use but making the cutting process easier this time.

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Decorating Target Soap Dispensers

That’s it. It’s easy and if you mess up or don’t like them, it’s easy to remove the vinyl. I think they turned out cute. Look at them next my hot water tap! (Seriously my favorite part of the kitchen remodel. I can make a cup of tea in the time it takes to fill my tea cup. I got mine at Lowes!)

Decorating Target Soap Dispensers

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Kitcehn Remodel

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