Want to Win an SVG Membership Subscription?

Win an SVG Subscription Membership

Two lucky winners will be chosen to have full access to every* SVG and printable in the shop for 12 months! Yep. This is your chance to win an SVG subscription membership! (*SVGs for personal use only.)

I’m feeling thankful for all the joy this site has brought me. Both in developing it myself and also getting to know some of my creative followers.

With that joy in mind, I think it’s time for a give-a-way.

Like an all-out, HUGE give-a-way for crafters who love their Cricut®.

Three (3) Ways to Enter:

  1. You must have your own Instagram account.
  2. You’ll need be able to comment on websites (you’ll need an email address is all).
  3. You need to have a Pinterest account.
  4. For a bonus entry you can check us out on Facebook through the entry form below.

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How to enter to Win my SVG Subscription Membership:

  • There will 3 steps to qualify for the drawing and each must be completed.
  • Each person is allowed to enter one time.
  • Contest is not affiliated with Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

Step 1: Instagram

Follow Chelly on Instagram* (Must still be following iDesignbyChelly when the prize is awarded or we’ll move on to the next contestant.)

Follow iDesignbyChelly on Instagram to enter to Win an SVG Subscription Membership

Step 2: Blog comment

Comment on a blog post. Find one that you enjoy and share a story, ask a question, or let me know your thoughts after reading it.

Blog link to comment on to enter to Win an SVG Subscription Membership
Any blog post will qualify. And after 2+ years there’s lots to choose from!

Step 3: Pinterest

Find your favorite SVG and pin it to your Pinterest* account on an appropriate board. (i.e. Save our one of my Card SVGs from the shop or a card blog post onto your ‘Card Ideas Board’ or even your ‘Cricut Board’ to make an appropriate pin. An inappropriate pin example would be to save a card SVG onto your recipe board.)

Pinterest account to tag to Win an SVG Subscription Membership
Here’s some things on my board, but be sure to pin something to YOUR account.

DONE! And Good Luck!

Once you complete these 3 steps above through the link to enter to win an SVG subscription membership, feel free to share on your social media here so we can contact you if you win.

SVG Membership Contest

That’s it! How easy to win 12-months of FREE SVGs, right??!

Once you do all the steps above you’re entered and can Win an SVG Subscription Membership to my SVG shop. Be sure to tell your friends, we are giving away 2!

If you want to follow us on my Facebook* page we’ll talk about other bonus ways and announce who wins. Plus, we do some pretty fun DIYs, announce our free SVGs of the week, and chat about selling our handmade items.

We Can Make That!

This contest is not affiliated with Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook.* SVGs and printables are for personal use ONLY.

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