The DIYer vs. a Kitchen Remodel

My love of DIY has expanded to the kitchen

Just over a year ago, my life changed again in a big way. In a great way! I married an amazing man and I became step-mom to his three kiddos. It was hard to think I would have FIVE teenagers in my house. In OUR home. (And don’t get me started on the crazy emotional ride of the idea getting married again brought.) However, it didn’t take long for me to see the calmness and support my hubby brought to my life.

This man not only brought calmness and happiness to our married life, but his support for my business ideas helped change my life again in such amazing ways. Ways I never knew I could reach. They are no longer dreams but big things are happening. (You can read about that over here on my day J-O-B’s website.)

Um, Chelly, What does this have to do with DIYs?

Okay, okay. One of the fun things we have going on in our home right now is remodeling.

Who doesn’t love a good DIY house project?? I think my creative brain works a little bit different than most with these types of projects.

Let me explain this DIY Kitchen remodel from my creative side…

Here is one of the before pics…. Don’t you just love the 70s vibe?
Don’t even get me started on the broken doors and drawers. HAHA

How a Creative Person Remodels

Some days I think I could be an interior designer. (Actually, very often people think that’s what I do for my day job anyways.) BTW, do you know what I do?? I help creatives build and then brand and market their creative business here.

I think our creative brains are just wired differently from most. Often with DIYs I have a visual. The creative part comes when I turn that visual into something: A card, scrapbooks, a logo for a client, my own eBook, a fun reversed canvas, or wedding glasses for a gift.

It all unfolds the same with my creative brain for projects like this kitchen project. I see it and then I make it happen. And this remodel is starting to feel like a big DIY for me.

This isn’t my first remodel. I’ve been on the sidelines of building a house, or watching other remodels being done. In my ‘former’ life it wasn’t a situation I was welcomed to jump in to help with, no matter how much my creative brain wanted to. But once I was on my own, the first weekend I bought my daughter a bedroom set and refinished it in a fun way.

DIYs became my therapy

DIY projects became my creative therapy, a fun way to distract my mind from the ugly going on around me. Plus, it was a great way to furnish my first house in MY style and on a small budget.

For the most part it was just me thriving as a creative. I loved it.

And this new remodel has been no different. It’s been so fun with all the pretty items to pick out. Have you remodeled a room or a house before? It’s amazing, right? (Exhausting but so worth it!) In my first house after the divorce I had 2 rooms remodeled. It was such a mess but was so worth it.

Our kitchen is small, so I thought it was easier, but kitchens are huge projects. Here are a few pics of our before…

How a Creative Walks Through the Process of a Kitchen Remodel

As a graphic designer, I get too excited for all the remodel things: picking out the colors, textures, using my pencil and then my graphic design software to design the new kitchen. Not exactly blueprint ready, but by the time I was ready to order the cabinets, I was on a first name basis with the cabinet guy at the cabinet department. Bless his heart, he did a great job. I knew exactly what I wanted he just had to put them in the model, and he had some fun upgrades — or should I say UPGRADE$. LOL

DIY Kitchen Remodel
Taking my sketch and making it real!

Actually, each time I went in, I thought it was a simple “minor change” or slight move. Then it was an hour later. Yes, I was there a lot until I was 100% happy it was my exact visual I had planned.

Also, I might have lingered in front of that navy blue sample cupboard so long I’m surprised they didn’t call security on me. I might have been trying to remove this visual…. LOL

New Recessed lighting is going in this spot.

Whatever though. I’m so excited I had to share the how with you all. Watch on my Instagram stories on @idesignbychelly to see the day to day on all the fun. I do call this a DIY but I’m all about leaving the heavy lifting to the professionals. The contractor starts this week!


About Chelly

DIYs and designing SVG files are my passion. I love this! I feel so lucky to get to do what makes me happy (what I love to do) on this site for work. I am thankful I have some amazing people around me to share this all with, is now my reality that feels like the fairy tale I always wanted. Read more…

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  1. Well, I think this is awesome! We bought our retirement home a few years ago and when we began to DIY we found so many COSMETIC- to boost up the price nonsense it was disheartening. I can hardly wait to do the kitchen, but first…crafting room. 80’s style brown (crap) carpet flowed through the upstairs. Replaced with realistic waterproof-scratch-resistant wood laminate. Everything in this house was UCKY Brown. I love color! We gutted their partially unfinished basement and there were so many uncanny surprises. I understand your frustration. Thanks for sharing.
    I like your shop and site.