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Aged gray barnwood gather sign with a FREE SVGAged gray barnwood gather sign with a FREE SVG

Aged gray barn wood gather sign with a FREE SVG

When I made the YUM kitchen decor a week or so ago, I also create this gather sign for kitchen type decor. And yes, there’s another FREE SVG included here so you can make an aged gray barn wood gather sign with a FREE SVG for yourself!

Disclosure: There are some Affiliate Links listed on this page, but these are all tools or products I use on a regular basis and probably have at least one blog post where I show how I use them. I highly recommend the products I’ve chosen as affiliates to support my blog and bring you FREE SVG files. Thanks for your following.
Aged gray barn wood gather sign with a FREE SVG

Aged gray barn wood gather sign with a FREE SVG

Aged gray barnwood gather sign with a FREE SVG

Aged gray barn wood paint

Supplies I used for the aged gray barn wood gather sign with a FREE SVG:
  • FREE SVG Gather file
  • Wood or Old Sign (the one shown above was from a thrift store)
  •  Rust-oleum Aged Gray
    • Acrylic paint to tint chalk paint for the wood look [Optional]
  • Oracle 631 Black Matt Vinyl & Transfer Tape
  • Cricut & Design Space

My love of chalk painting old stuff shows up here too. The upcycled wooden sign shown above is from my favorite thrift store. The outside of this sign was a distressed black so I left it alone.The whole project took me less than an hour!

Here’ some quick steps on how I painted it…

Barnwood Chalk Painting Technique

Barn wood Nightstand

Nightstand Painted to look like barn wood

I painted the center of the sign with Rust-oleum Aged Gray and let it dry. This took 2 coats, as most chalk painting does.

I let mine dry for a few hours, mostly cause I had to give kids a ride somewhere. I don’t find this paint workable when it’s wet. Make sure you let it dry before you begin.

To create the barn wood look start by mixing some acrylic paints to give it a barn wood feel. For this, I used a cream and a black that I had on hand.

Painting the barn wood look:
  1. Grab a paper plate and place a small puddle of Rust-oleum Aged Gray in the center. Sprinkle some water drops next to it. {This helps blend the paint when you apply it over a color.}
  2. Next, I added a few drops of black paint on one side and a few drops of cream paint on the other side of the plate.
  3. Start with a soft brush, I used a fan brush. Mix some gray paint and water until you have a thin, smooth gray paint. Blending in a spec of black {barely let the tips get paint on them} and swiping it on the piece. Be sure to use very light long strokes. If it looks blotchy or thick, dip the tips of your brush in water and smooth it out. I added gray over the top if the look isn’t what I wanted and kept going.
  4. Now go back and add gray with a spec of cream and apply the same way. Go back and forth with this method rotating between the black and cream colors until it’s the desired look you want.

Gather Free SVG

This vinyl idea would work great to cut and add to your wall over a dining room table – you don’t have to add it to a sign. I love the look of dark, stain and gold vinyl — Rich, warm and inviting. I want to make myself one of those.

I’d love to see what you made! Post in the comments or on my Facebook page. And don’t forget to Pin this for later so you can find it!

Happy Crafting,

We Can Make That!

Share the love! The gather design is available on my Free SVG page so you can download them if you want to make yourself one! (for personal use only please.)








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