6 Cricut Birthday Card Ideas and SVGs

I love homemade cards, making and receiving them. Maybe it’s from being an adult but the joy that card gives me when I walk back from the mailbox is priceless, right? (Adults who get bills in the mail all the time understand this simple joy.) So let’s brighten some days with these 6 Cricut Birthday Card Ideas!

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In this blog post, we’ll go over many ways you can use your Cricut to make birthday cards. Some have SVGs and others are really simple and you can even create them with a paper punch. (Save this post on your Pinterest birthday board so you can find it later.)

Cricut Birthday Card Ideas

I know you’ll find your next great idea for your card-making craft, so grab your Cricut Maker and let’s dive in!

Cricut and Romeo Siser

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Supplies Often Needed for Handmade Cards

  • Cutting machine (Cricut, Cricut Joy, Silhouette, etc)
  • Cutting Mat
  • Card stock for the base of the card (or pre-scored cards)
  • Paper for SVG or design
  • Embellishments (Ex: ribbon, gemstones, twine, stickers, etc)
  • Envelope
  • Markers, ink, colored pencils
  • Stamps for sayings (or write/hand letter your own)

You can find some free Cricut card projects on our site. If you get creative we even have a free card size envelope SVG for you. If you are getting creative, we have a square-size envelope too.

You can make your happy birthday cards on any cutter, the new Cricut Joy machine is the perfect size for this and comes with a special Cricut Joy Card Mat. {{I don’t have this in my craft room yet, but maybe someday.}} The special mat helps you cut on a pre-folded card (like those boxes of cards and envelopes we can buy from Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

Stack of pre cut cards in colors for birthday cards.

Often, I’ll create blank cards and then stamp or write a fun note inside. These are helpful when you are making cards to use later. I cut this LOVE SVG card for a Valentine’s Day Card but ended up using it for a wedding card last year.

My 1st Cricut Birthday Card Idea is our Balloon Card

I made this for a friend who was turning 75. She loved it and I loved making it. I feel making the perfect card comes from selecting the right colors to fit the person you are giving it to. Play around with the placement of all the embellishments you want to add and then top it off with the perfect saying or message.

This Balloon birthday card was great for her, she could see and feel the balloons and I had fun trying all the strings.


My 2nd Cricut Birthday Card Idea is our Happy Bday Cut Out

This can be a simple card to create, one piece of scratch paper, and a pre-folded card and you have a card in seconds!

You can use the Design Space canvas to make any square or rectangle shape you need to accent the card base you have ready. Again, this can be an easy card to DIY. It does come with a rounded corner base to cut it from, but feel free to get creative!

Using masculine colors makes this a perfect card for that male co-worker.

BALLOON CARD PHOTO / Link to Happy Bday Cut out card

Cricut Birthday card idea and svg.

My 3rd Cricut Birthday Card Idea is our Coffee Cup Card

Birthday cards that contain our favorite things, like coffee shop gift cards, are perfect for friends, co-workers, or family birthday cards.

This is my favorite card to make! It’s so easy and adorable when you add the lid and sleeve with some foam dots for dimension. I use it for ‘thanks a latte’ cards when I need to send a thank-you note!

There are a couple of options for the birthday card that doubles as a gift card holder:

  1. Cut the tag file as a card insert, making it slightly smaller and take the gift card onto that
  2. Cut the card so the width of the sleeve is the size of your gift card. Take the edges and bottom and slip the gift card into the top.

COFFEE CUP CARD PIC / There are a few examples in this blog post here: Link to Coffee Cup card

Coffee Cup idea
Cricut Birthday card idea and svg


If you make a card that you love – while the idea is fresh in your head – quickly make another. There are usually enough supplies left and using the same design to DIY greeting cards that are very similar and that you love, is a great way to have an extra cute birthday card on hand.

My 4th Cricut Birthday Card Idea is for him

The perfect card for dads everywhere. Or grandpa’s birthday cards too! This jacket and tie SVG card is easy to have the kids help. It was a fun one to design and is cute in different sizes too.

Suite and Tie SVG Card is here.

Shirt and Tie Card
Shirt and Tie Card

This card can also double as a father’s day card, plus a wedding card if you cut it in black like a tuxedo. But then again, the wedding is all about the bride. Right? Haha

My 5th Cricut Birthday Card Idea is our Presents Card

This longer shape card is great when you want to find a cash- holder or a check-holder card.

The presents can be done two ways, cut them out and use foam dots for some dimension as the gifts pop off the page. Or Simply cut the gifts out and add paper. OR…. tuck the cash behind it so the money shows through as the gift. A sneaky and fun way to give cash. Presents Card Idea

Cricut Birthday card ideas and svgs

This one can double as a Christmas card if you use holiday-themed or color paper. We have lots of Christmas cards in our shop too!


If you don’t have a card base on hand, you can cut one. Most of our Card SVGs (like the ones in this Card SVG Bundle) have the file to cut the base of the card too. You will often find a scoreline included as well.

BE SURE to watch these settings, sometimes the Cricut Design Space converts them to cut lines. So, use the setting on the top to change it from CUT LINE to SCORE LINE if you have the scoring tool for your Cricut. If not, simply delete and fold the card after it’s cut.

My 6th Cricut Birthday Card Idea is my simple shape card

This one doesn’t require any SVGs or even a Cricut. This design is perfect for your first project with your cutter. You can cut the shapes out with paper punches for your birthday cards, or any card!

They are so simple to make these custom cards, but when you add the colors or washi tape as pops of color, then draw a doodle-looking line around the edges, they become original works of art. Plus you can use up your craft supplies and scraps of paper. haha

Sometimes we have a specific theme we want the birthday card to have. Use your Cricut Access or files from our SVG Club to cut out a shape and make the card an original.

The simple Shape Card post has some detailed instructions.

These Cricut Birthday Cards can look like you put in a lot of work but they are all fairly simple. usually the hardest part is picking the colors and whether or not I have that shade on hand. If not, a quick trip to the cards is always a fun idea. Ha.

Often these SVGs for the cards can be tweaked a bit in your cutting software and turn them into party decor. For example, cut the coffee cup card that comes with a tag, cut out a handful of those, and add to a string for a coffee addict happy birthday banner.

Cricut Birthday Card fanned out by candles.

What do you think?

Are you ready to try one of these for a new project to create a Cricut card idea of your own? I hope so, our mission here is to inspire you to create! Whether you have a new Cricut machine, a Silhouette cameo, or the adorable new Cricut Joy, I know your card will be great.

Free SVG Files

If you are new to We Can Make That, we love to create with our Cricut and invite you to create too. We have a shop with some Free SVG cut files but also a full line of SVGs for Cards, home decor, scrapbook pages, seasonal decor, graphic tee ideas, and yes, SVGs for cards!

I encourage you to take these ideas and get creative. Make them your own design with the ideas, free cut files, and mix in the supplies you have one had to create the perfect card.

There are a lot of great projects on the blog, I hope you stick around and craft with us.

I can’t wait to see what you create, join our free Facebook group and share your cards!

We Can Make That!

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