Elf on the Shelf Simple Scrapbook Page Idea

Elf on the Shelf Scrapbook Page Idea

Create a scrapbook for your kids with all the funny things your elf does. My kids love looking back all the fun he brought. This SVG file helps you create scrapbook pages quick (an cute!).

I’m pretty sure that I’m the only one a few years behind in my kids’ scrapbooks. Anyone else? …. I’m sure it’s just me… Anyways … I finally printed all my “Elf on the Shelf” pictures.

I then marked the dates and I’m ready to start. Years back, I purchased a paper pack set from Close to My Heart. Love their paper, and this one was perfect for our Elfie.

Cricut and Romeo Siser

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Elf on the Shelf Scrapbook Page – Simply CUTe SVG

Elf on the Shelf Scrapbook page idea

But now I looked at all the pics and think I wish I had a quick layout. So I opened Adobe Illustrator and went to work with my graphic design skills. I created this Simply CUTe template to share.

Now all of us can make a layout in just minutes. (I’m not responsible for how long it takes you to pick out paper or any other impulse buys as you run to your favorite craft store for elf-themed paper.) But when you settle down to scrap, We Can Make That together… (see what I did there?)

Simply CUTe SVG | Scrapbook pages to cut and assemble in just minutes!

Elf on the Shelf Scrapbook Page idea steps

“Simply CUTe” is the line of SVG Scrapbook pages that are simply cut, simply cute.

1. Download my Simply CUTe Elf on the Shelf SVG file here.

Elf on the Shelf Scrapbook Page Idea

2. Upload the items into Cricut® Design Space

I used 2 mats for this one. One for the 12×12″ page, and one for the red and white Elf hat. Below I show you how I turned off the Elf hat by clicking the eye on the right of the image icon.

This will allow you to cut only the text and photo openings. *Be sure to click the Attach Button if they are not in place on the mat when you click the cut button.

3. Pick your paper and load your mat.

I manually centered it, or you can off-center the image here as well. Later I trimmed the page to an 11.5-inches and added a solid color behind this one in a frame style layout.

4. Cut and assemble… done!

I added the stickers that came with the Close to my Heart paper pack and also the elf hat I created (that looks similar to the one our little Elf wears). Once you start assembling your Elf on the Shelf Scrapbook page idea, you’ll have so much fun you won’t want to stop.

Update: The paper I made my page with are no longer available from Close to My Heart.

Need Elf on the Shelf easy ideas?

If you need one more idea for your Elf this season, check out our Candy Cane Garden!

This Elf of the Shelf idea is great because it lasts for 2 nights, giving the Elf helper a little break. (you’re welcome haha).

Elf on the Shelf idea Candy cane Garden
Elf on the Shelf Candy cane Garden

These Simply CUTe SVG files are also great if you do a book for more than one kid! They go so fast and can look adorable. Just cut the pages out twice. I often used different colors for my 2 kids, so the layouts were similar but not the same.

You can add the embellishments right away or go back later and bling them out. If you attend crops, you can pre-cut many layouts and assemble them there.

Do you have an event you would like to see a Simply CUTe layout for? Comment below, I use the comments for ideas on my next design.

Happy Crafting!

If you like this Elf on the Shelf Scrapbook Page idea, Get access to all the SVG layouts with the SVG club!
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  1. I tried to get into scrapbooking several years ago but didn’t get very far! But I just bought my first cricut the other day so maybe that’s all about to change…

    Can’t wait to have kids so we can do elf on the shelf! Anyway, love the blog, loads of inspiration here 🙂

    1. Thanks, Tori! Be sure to subscribe, I plan to do a series for the Elf next Holiday and also I plan to have more SIMPLY CUTe layout SVG Files. I appreciate you stopping by! happy crafting!

    1. Thank you, Jackie!! … I have 2 teenage kids and they each have about 5 scrapbooks, plus a few family vacation books from Snapfish. But it’s been about 2 years since I got into it. That was part of my motivation for the blog and hope to get caught up.