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Spread joy… And sometimes this comes in the form of coffee for me! LOL. simply put, Free coffee svg = joy!

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With the current state of our country and my personal need to find more happy is what inspired this blog post. Also, the creative community is full of creatives with a big heart. Which is a win-win for you – see the end for a list of other FREE peace and love SVGs.

Cricut and Romeo Siser

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Let’s Create and Share the Love….

It’s always a good time to spread some love and peace. What when you add a cute coffee graphic that makes it even better!

This blog post is a group effort of some fellow SVG designers and we want to spread some peace and love. I’ve teamed up with these creatives to bring you a list of Peace and Love Free SVGs.

Let’s walk through some things I use when making shirts and you can check out the list of Peace and Love Free SVGs at the end for more creative ideas to inspire you!

Peace and Love Free SVGs Projects

I usually make my SVGs into shirts or totes. I get asked what I use often so here is a little supply list in general for using HTV.

  • Free Peace & Love SVG
  • HTV (heat press vinyl)
  • Shirt, hoodie or tote bag
  • Iron or heatpress
  • Pressing pillows (I think these help the HTV stay on longer – works with an iron or the EasyPress)

Let’s Talk Heat Presses or Irons

I would love a clam press, but for now, I have the EasyPress from Cricut and use my iron at times too.

These pillow pads from Heat Transfer Warehouse are great as well. (they come in many different sizes)

These heat press pillows really do work help your pressed vinyl stay on better. (Mine were always coming off after a couple of washes — even if I didn’t dry them!)

In the past, I was using a little tabletop ironing board but these work so much better. Worth the money in my opinion.

They allow you to give the HTV more pressure which helps it press into the item better.

The denseness of them allows you to push the HTV into the fabric more. Helping HTV stay on your garment better. My tabletop iron isn’t as good but works ok. I sometimes use both.

Let’s Talk Vinyl

My favorite HTV vinyl (the kind you use heat to adhere to garments) would be Heat Transfer Warehouse Vinyl. They are so easy to weed and stay on well. The company cares about their customers and their selection is amazing. Check them out here.

Vinyl rolls, royal blue shirt and a Cricut

The bags on the right are what I use to store the scraps. They are 13-inch ziplocks from Amazon. I use them for my paper scraps as well.

Free Peace & Love SVGs

Love, peace and Kindness often make the perfect SVG for your next DIY. I collaborated with some fellow SVG designers to create this list of free Peace and Love SVGs. I’m sure you’ll find one for your next project or heck, make a project with each one!

13 Free SVGs with a Love & Peace Theme

  1. Be Kind – Brooklynn Berry Designs
  2. Peace Love Coffee – We Can Make That
  3. Kind People are My Kind of People – That’s What Che Said
  4. American Sign Language Love – Hello Creative Family
  5. Love One Another – The Girl Creative
  6. Kindness Rocks – Liz on Call
  7. Let Love Guide Your Life – Life Sew Savory
  8. All You Need is Love – Try It Like It Create It
  9. Radiate Love Radiate Kindness – Happy Go Lucky Blog
  10. You Are Loved – Artsy Fartsy Mama
  11. Together We Can Do Anything – A Home to Grow Old In
  12. Peace Respect And Love For All – Mom of Five Trying To Survive
  13. Choose Kindness – Everyday Party Magazine

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  1. Hello, I have been searching for the Love spelled in American Sign Language. I am deaf myself and would like to have the file. I could not find it in any blogs. It was with 13 designs related to Love. Can you direct me to the file. Thanks.

    1. Hello! We don’t have a design like that but it’s a great idea. If we create one I’ll let you know. Sorry I’m not much help. -Chelly