Cricut ‘Shape’ Card Shopping List

Use the shapes tool and make many different cards with your Cricut. This is a great way to use scraps, play with that washi tape, and get creative. This style is great for Cricut Card for beginners.

card with hearts and supplies for card making

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Who doesn’t love getting creative with these items? There are so many fun ways to decorate them. I love to cut out the same card in a few colors and play with all the supplies I have to decorate them. If you need to do some shopping, here are a few ideas for new supplies.

What Occasion Are These Cards Best for?

These cards are good for so many events or holidays besides just cute note cards….

  • Graduation Card
  • Wedding Card or Anniversary Card
  • Birthday Card for any age.
  • Thank you card
  • Sympathy Card
  • Retirement Card
  • Congratulation Card
  • Baby Cards
  • Christmas Cards
Beginner Card for Cricut users

Get creative with your Cricut Joy too!

These are perfect to make with your Cricut Joy. Small items on the Joy are the best and these would be so easy to make with the regular mat. Cricut Card for beginners are what starts the fun, then get creative and add different shapes and embellishments.

Cricut joy, paper trimmer, cards and ipad on craft station
Cricut and Romeo Siser

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Steps to Create This Easy Cricut Card for Beginners

These cards can be made in a few short steps. Let’s make an accent for a folded card base.

  1. Begin by opening your Cricut Design Space.
  2. Click on New Project to open a canvas to work on.
  3. Select the Shapes tool and select a square. We’ll adjust it a rectangle in a moment.
  4. Measure your card base and subtract a quarter (.25″) of each for each side.
  5. Use the measurement tool on the top panel, and click the LOCK icon to unlock the proportion to make your rectangle a square. Enter the measurement here.
  6. Now select a shape from the SHAPE tool. For example, use a star for a graduate card, or a heart for a wedding card.
  7. Place 2-4 of these on the rectangle and group them together.
  8. Now select MAKE PROJECT.

steps for A Cricut Shape Card

You’ll find a section of card SVGs in the shop, lots of blog posts about card and scrapbook making with your Cricut, plus other crafts you can make.

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Star card and heart card made with Cricut and washi tape

Fun Supplies for Circut Shape Cards

This section showcases the fun items I love to use and some great finds on Amazon.

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Paper Supplies for Cricut Card for Beginners

Finding good supplies to make your cards can be key to creating professional-looking cards with our Cricut or other crafts. Here are a few fun supplies.

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Adhesives Supplies for Circut Shape Cards

I got through a lot of adhesives. And I hate it when I’m in the zone and working away, and things don’t stay, or the tape runner isn’t working as it should. Here are a few supplies I love to use and find to help me create more professional cards.

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Cricut Supplies for Circut Shape Cards

I love my Cricut. When they first came out, I grabbed one and keep upgrading every year after that. Recently, I just purchased the Cricut Joy, but I also have the original Maker. Which is your favorite model?

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Be sure to check out the card post for more ideas on the share card with your Cricut.

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  1. Thank you. I have a Joy and am looking to make cards with it. I am anxious to see what I can do with your class.

  2. I know this isn’t beginner stuff, but I would add the word home or love or whatever sentiment I wanted using the Cricut pen, including when I created the card front. Just a thought. Thanks again for your tutorials.