Diaper Card SVG

Hmmm… What to call it… Diaper Card SVG ?? Baby Shower Invite SVG ?? Or Baby Card SVG?

I guess it doesn’t matter what you call it. It’s stinking cute! [Get it… ‘stinking’ cute …. diaper…] HaHa

Are you planning a baby shower? Or maybe you need a cute card to put with your gift for a baby shower?

This diaper card SVG is just what you need then! If you have a gift card you’re giving, this baby card SVG is an adorable way to wrap it up. A gift card fits inside, and the folded sides keep it in place.

Diaper Card baby card SVG FB
Diaper Card baby card SVG FB

The SVG comes with two options.

You can use the SVG as shown in the picture, or you can use the insert with the Print and Cut feature in Design Space to write a message on the card’s insert. This card is even more adorable when you  stamp a cute baby saying on the insert. This card is so easy to make, all you have to do after cutting is to glue the insert inside and fold the diaper shut.

It’s very easy to create a sweet, fast, cute card. If you have the time, though, I recommend adding embellishments, stamps, ink/distressing, and ribbon to make it even cuter!

Diaper Card SVG

Supplies I used for Diaper Card with my SVG:

  • Purchase the Diaper Card SVG file here
  • Cricut Embossing Tool (if you don’t have one, you can fold it by hand)
  • Card Stock for card base (diaper)
  • Cricut & Design Space
  • Writing pen and extra paper for the card insert (optional)

Need a baby shower idea?

Check out this post to make these fun baby sock flowers.

How to make Baby Sock Flowers
How to make Baby Sock Flowers

Creating the Diaper Card

1. Purchase the SVG file for the Diaper Card project.

2. Upload into your Cricut Design Space.

Diaper Card SVG Cricut Design Space

3. For the Diaper

BEFORE CUTTING, you will need to set up your flaps to “score”, not cut, if you have the scoring tool. If you do not have the scoring tool simply delete these lines so they don’t cut your card apart.

Diaper Card SVG Cricut Design Space
  • Load your cardstock on to the mat.
  • Click “Make it.”
  • Remove the cardstock from the mat. TIP* Try to avoid touching the sticky mat so that it stays sticky for future projects!
  • Fold over the scored lines: Right & left tabs, and the middle section.

4. For the Insert

If you want any text printed on the Insert, then make sure to print it off before cutting! If you want the same font I used then you will use Baby Steps.

  • Load your cardstock on to the mat.
  • Select the Insert in the Design Space.
  • Click “Make It”
  • Remove the cut Insert from the mat & remove the extra paper.

5. Assembling the pieces

  • Use adhesive to tape  the insert inside to the diaper card.
  • Add any embellishments to the outside or inside of the diaper cover.
  • Insert the two flaps into the two cuts on the front of the diaper.

6. Done!

Diaper Card SVG
Diaper Card SVG with writing

If you’re new to cards, you might want to watch my Facebook live where I put together a few cards.

I’d love to see the cards you make with this! Post in the comments or on my Facebook page. And don’t forget to Pin this for later so you can find it!

We Can Make That!

P.S. If you need help uploading the SVG — Check out the YouTube training video I have on my channel.

Cricut Video Tutorials
Video Tutorials


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    1. If you measure the width to fit your envelope then the height will match. It’s set for a A2 Envelope so about 5″ to 5.25-inches wide is what I do. Thanks for asking!

  1. Thanks! I am making a card for my nephew’s first birthday and I found the diaper idea and was struggling on how to make it! Thx for the helpful video!!