How to DIY Pumpkin Decorations from Paper

Carving pumpkins can be messy, so let me share some ideas to create pumpkin decor without the mess. My creative friends and I put on our crafty-thinking hats, and at the end of this post, you’ll find a list of many DIY Pumpkin Decorations. But first, let me show you how easy it is to make a pumpkin out of paper.

Pumpkin craft DIYs

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These little mini pumpkins are so cute and easy to make. You probably already have the craft supplies on-hand to create these DIY pumpkins.

This cute little unique pumpkin is perfect for your mantel decor, or a Halloween-themed craft for the kids. Add some googly eyes, and you are sure to get some laughs for this paper pumpkin.

Finished Paper Pumpkin DIY Decor.
DIY Pumpkin Decorations
Cricut and Romeo Siser

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Paper Pumpkin Decoration Supplies

Very simple supplies from your local craft store and you can grab a few other fun pumpkin decor items while you are there (I won’t tell).

How to DIY Pumpkin Decorations from paper

This is really simple, and as I mentioned, easy to make some pumpkin decor with the kids and way less messy than painted pumpkins.

Paper pumpkin DIY steps with photos.

Feel free to get creative with the paper colors for your pumpkin. I just bought some dish towels with blue pumpkins. They are so cute, and who would have thought these different pumpkin colors would be so popular?? And cute. Anything goes for the paper color.

Paper DIY Pumpkin Decorations Steps

Select your paper to make a pumpkin. Again, the colors are endless. White pumpkins are cute, but all the fall colors work for these paper pumpkin decor.

Begin by cutting the paper into 1-inch strips of paper. You’ll need 4 total to make the pumpkin shown. A paper trimmer is handy, but you can do it with scissors.

Paper Trimmer with orange paper.

Now that the 1-inch strips are done, grab your hole punch. Punch both ends of the strips.

I used my Crop-a-DILE and punched them all at once. This thing is heavy-duty, and I think it could even punch a hole through the devil’s soul. haha.

Paper Pumpkin DIY Supplies.

Let’s get the pumpkin stem ready for this pumpkin DIY.

Make a loop about the size of a nickel. Then pinch it to flatten the loop. When we thread this through the paper holes, this will keep our pumpkin together while you add the stem.

Paper Pumpkin DIY Stem - DIY Pumpkin Decorations.

Next, lay the strips out as shown in an X-like pattern. Then we will fold each one up to complete this very easy pumpkin.

Paper Pumpkin DIY Steps.

Start at the top and go around the circle. Try to line up the holes to make it easier to add your pipe cleaner.

Paper Pumpkin DIY Steps.

Now that your pumpkin paper strips are in one hand, thread the pipe cleaner through the hole.

Paper Pumpkin DIY Steps - DIY Pumpkin Decorations.

Get one end of your pipe cleaner through the hole to hold the strips, then I found it easier to thread the second through.

Paper Pumpkin DIY Stem.

Pull it tight and twist the pipe cleaners together to make the top stem.

Paper Pumpkin DIY Stem.

I folded them down and the tails I used wrapped around a pencil to make the curled ends.

Paper Pumpkin DIY Decor - DIY Pumpkin Decorations.

Tuck in a couple of the leaves. Mine are paper and embossed. I got these from the Dollar Tree store a few years ago. But you can cut them from paper or use real leaves!

SVGs with Pumpkins for Fall DIY

Let’s not forget how simple it can be to just decorate a pumpkin with some vinyl we cut on our Cricut (or Silhouette!). These pumpkin designs for cut files are great for signs, graphic tees or banners (to hang on your window or mantel).

DIY Pumpkin Decorations

Here is the list from my creative friends where we each had our own project on creating some type of DIY pumpkin decorations. So much creativity and inspiration here. Which DIY Pumpkin Decoration is your favorite?

Pumpkin DIY examples.
  1. Create the most adorable DIY Fall Wreath with Pom Pom Pumpkins by following the tutorial on Laura’s blog Me and My INKlings.
  2. Learn How to Draw a Pumpkin with step-by-step instructions from the talented Smitha of Smiling Colors. Download her free printable guide.
  3. Laura with Laura’s Crafty Life has created a Mini Pumpkin Wreath with easy to find supplies from Dollar Tree. Just gorgeous!
  4. Create Pumpkin Contact Paper Suncatchers with a quick tutorial from Shani at Sunshine and Munchkins. A fun and easy fall craft for even the littlest crafters.
  5. So creative and unique, learn how to Make an Easy Mod Podge Map Pumpkin for travel enthusiasts. Justine from Little Dove Blog shows you all the steps. 
  6. Erica from 5 Little Monsters is sharing her Alpine Stitch Crocheted Pumpkin, complete with a full set of patterned instructions, so you can create your own!
  7. Learn how to make DIY Wooden Pumpkin Blocks with a step-by-step tutorial from Kelsey at Poofy Cheeks and learn what she used to stencil these beauties.
  8. Katie, the Crafty Blog Stalker is sharing a gorgeous Hand Painted Pumpkin, and we love her color palette of white and gold.
  9. Jewels and buttons transform into the most elegant Bejeweled Pumpkin Art created by the talented Jane of DIY by Jane. Simply stunning!
  10. Beth with Creatively Beth can transform any found object into a pumpkin with some paint. We think that her Recycled Mini Bundt Pan Pumpkins are adorable.
  11. Inspired by her favorite characters, Lindsay of Artsy Fartsy Mama has created No-Sew Fabric Pumpkins. Click through for the full tutorial.

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  1. Love the simple paper pumpkin design! It is so easy and would be perfect to do with children. I am going to add tea lights to the pumpkin (I hope to find colored ones – I have black so I’ll see how that goes) and place around the table. Thanks for the design!

  2. I made the little paper pumpkin a little differently, but I think using a pipe cleaner would be easier. I kind of made it up because I didn’t have directions. Thank you for the detailed directions. Much easier than the similar one I made.

  3. What a fun and easy way to make a paper pumpkin! Now I have the perfect craft for the cousins to make at Thanksgiving!