DIY Halloween or store-bought Costumes?

Yes to both please! First, don’t hate me when I say Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays.

But I do decorate for Halloween. Nothing scary, although my hubby loves scary movies and always tries to get me to watch them with him (NOPE!) We have a shelf full of Stephen King books too (which I will NEVER read!).

Free halloween costume

Speaking of freaky. Did you see this? It’s so funny and CREEPY at the same time!

My hubby and I met in 2015 and attended a Halloween party together.

Here we are and I’m sporting a really blonde wig with straight hair. That was odd for me! haha.

Steve-O and I at a Halloween party in 2015.

Chances are you will be singing WAYNE’S WORLD all day now. You’re welcome. LOL

Cricut and Romeo Siser

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A Touch of Halloween

Here is a DIY idea for a non-Halloween costume day at school

I hated this year because no costumes were allowed at school – BOOOO!

I tried to understand on their level, but we live in North Dakota people! Today is Halloween 2019 and it’s 33° outside. That leaves 2 costume ideas: A hunter or abominable snowman.

So getting to dress up in school WITHOUT snow pants over or under was such a great memory for me as a kid… anyways ……..

Being a creative I wanted to send my daughter off to her last elementary school Halloween party with some fun.

So a few pipe cleaners and bobby pins for the W.I.N.

DIY Spider Hair Bun | Halloween Hair
Spider Bun Halloween Idea

You can read more here about how we made this spider bun.

Creativity is hereditary

Or it appears so here with my son.

He was a freshman in high school and LOVED Doctor Who. His friends dressed up and attended an event at the Mall and I think he rocked his costume.

I think it’s still so awesome. He painted and cut out to decorate the photo booth himself. We saved it forever too.

Cricut Costume idea — Teenager Approved

These are so fun, easy and cheap! We grabbed a couple of shirts from Walmart and some HTV for the words.

I walk you through the steps here for doing Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV). It’s so easy! Give it a try today – I dare you!

Teenager costume idea
My daughter & friend their freshman year on Halloween.

Here is a link to the Peanut Butter and Jelly SVGs and more fun Halloween ideas.

Happy Creating. Do you make your costumes each year? I’d love to see!

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