Lavender Latte Recipe to Make at Home

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I’m working away on new SVGs for the fall and shared in our emails how I was inspired by my coffee Sunday morning. And so many of you reached out and asked for this Lavender Latte Recipe I used. 

The first time I heard of this, I thought it sounded pretty fancy. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a fancy new coffee drink? Also, with this flavor, it’s like a treat but with no sugar. 

Let’s make a lavender latte! 

Lavender Latte Recipe

This is the first week of having lavender coffee drinks in my life, and I’m sold. If you use the lavender here, it’s less than $7 (when I created this post), and it’s like a lifetime supply. Haha.

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Supplies Needed for Lavender Latte Recipe

  • One cup of coffee
  • Whipping Cream from Silk (check out this video, this stuff is GOLD if you are dairy-free) 
  • Dried Lavender
  • I couldn’t find the music note tea infuser I used, but this one looks like a whale 🐋 of a good time. HAHA
  • Small coffee whisker for the creamer
Lavender Latte Recipe

This is an Easy Lavender Latte Recipe to follow!

I am not a barista. To be honest, my skills are a Keurig pod and add creamer. To get ‘fancy,’ I usually add extra creamer and a shot of hazelnut syrup. 

So the steps for this fancy coffee are pretty simple. Anyone can make this fun treat.

Lavender Latte Recipe Simple to Follow Steps

First … brew a cup of coffee – any type or flavor of your choice. Also, be sure it’s HOT so it can steep the lavender like tea.

Check out this video where I made a lavender latte in just minutes.

YouTube video

Second … add the lavender to the infuser. I used about a teaspoon amount when I made mine. Now using your infuser, steep the lavender until it smells/tastes the way you want. I think I did 30-60 seconds, is all. 

Lastly, whip up your creamer using your small whisk for some fun, frothy goodness.

Add the cream to your coffee and enjoy your special Lavender Latte Recipe treat!! 

Lavender Latte Recipe

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