Easy Summer Wreath DIY

Are you looking for something cute to add to your door? Something you can create quickly? Maybe even get the kids to help. This colorful Easy Summer Wreath DIY is perfect. You only need 3 items for supplies and I’m guessing you have them on hand. Let’s get creating…

Supply List for Easy Summer Wreath DIY

Jelly Roll Craft

The supply list is so short! This is probably what makes this so fast and easy to make. You can add as much or as little to it as you want for embellishments. You could also create a sign and add it to the wreath. (Using our free Gather SVG would be perfect to hang inside your home!)

Supply List
  • 12″ foam wreath (or create one from a pool noodle)
  • 1 pack of Fabric strips
  • Flowers, ribbon, or other accents

See? I told you it was simple. And the steps to create this are just as easy.

Steps for this Easy Summer Wreath

Fold the strip in half, right sides out if your jelly rolls are one-sided material.

Lay the tails over the foam wreath as I did with the red one in this photo; holding the loop in your hand.

Easy Summer Wreath

Pull the tails through, keeping the right side of the fabric facing up like the photo shows.

You have to work with some of the fabric to make the tails lay the right way and not flip over. My fabric was not so pretty on the back, so I had to make sure they all laid the right way.

That’s it. It’s really that simple. Keep going until it’s as full as you want.

You can leave a blank place for flowers or accents if you want. I used my new glue gun to add some sunflowers to the top of the wreath.

Easy Summer Wreath

I got my fabric pack & flowers from Walmart, it was really inexpensive (we know how expensive it can be to make wreaths!!). The wreath foam base is from Hobby Lobby.

This would also but cute to make one in some soft pastels and make for a baby’s room. Or give as a gift at a baby shower for the new mom. I’m sure she would love to decorate her door to help celebrate her new baby.

Easy Summer Wreath

What do you think? Leave me a note below!

I do need to paint my door, or get a new one! But for now, I hope my guests just see my pretty wreath and not the faded blue door.

The best part is I got to use my new Lynn Lilly glue gun From SureBonder® to add the flowers. SO CUTE!!

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  1. The fringe around the perimeter is absolutely adorable! My door needs a summer spruce-up and this is within my skill set. Thank you for the inspiration.