The 6 Best Free SVG Websites

Bring on the best year yet. And how is it going to be the best year yet? Because to start it with, I’m giving you a list of The Best 6 Free SVG Websites!

These are sites that I browse for inspiration and connection with other DIYers too.

As a thank you please feel free to leave us a comment and tell us which SVG site you liked best.

6 of the Best Free SVG Websites

Let’s Get Started – in no particular order!

#1-So Fontsy

My true LOVE? It’s fonts. So this one I know is amazing! Yes, they have FREE SVGs also but they offer a huge variety of fonts too.

You will love the fonts So Fontsy has that are perfect for vinyl and more.

Fonts and SVGs
Cricut and Romeo Siser

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#2-My Designs in the Chaos

As crafters, we all have a little chaos. So why not add some Crafty Chaos fun with my friend, Michelle’s site My Designs in the Chaos. (See what I did there? HAHA)

Visit: My Designs in the Chaos
Free SVGs

#3-Everyday Party Mag

And let’s keep the party going with more fun FREE SVGs over at Everyday Party Mag.

It truly is a cute, clean site and yes, it’s full of that crafty GOODNESS we all love! This DIY idea is adorable for sure! (I love everything with tulips!)

Fun DIYs

#4-The Creative Girl

Onto some creative fun with The Creative Girl. I feel like we are already friends from the first minute I landed on her site! Lots of fun DIYs and yes. Free SVGs too. Here’s the link:


#5-Sew What Alicia

If you are watching our Facebook page for We Can Make That, you probably already know I got a new sewing machine for Christmas. Sew, I’m going to give Sew What Alicia a fun shout out for this next one.

This fun FREE SVG for those of us who love to sew is adorable! She has a whole page dedicated to Cricut lovers like myself. Click the button above to check them out!

Sewing SVGs

#6-Country Chich Cottage

This is my favorite one today. A gnome banner! Perfect for any holiday if you use the right color paper. Check out the FREE SVG for her gnome too. LOVE THEM!

gnome free SVG

If those don’t inspire you, I don’t what will! Right? So fun. Thanks for reading and as always, Happy Crafting!

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6 of the best FREE svg websites

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