Easy Valentine’s Day Garland

Let’s get creative with a Valentine’s Day garland. This adorable craft project will look so cute in your living room on your fireplace mantel. BONUS: Look for free Valentine’s Day SVG links at the end of this post.

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This isn’t your typical garland with the loops of strips of paper, remember those from elementary school? Although they were easy to make so it is one. Grab your Cricut or personal cutter and let’s get started.

Cricut and Romeo Siser

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What You Need to Make This Valentine Garland

Garland Supplies

  • Love Letter Garland SVG from our Shop
  • White glitter bonded felt (From Hobby Lobby)
  • Bakers Twine (Yarn, jute string or pretty ribbon)
  • Colored Felt for the hearts or use paper hearts (my colored hearts were from Kunin Felt)
  • Hot Glue Gun and glue stick
Easy Valentines Day Garland

A few notes about the supplies… I used the bonded felt so it was stiffer and when it’s hung up it will lay better. I really liked the glitter felt for this project’s look. A cute scrapbook paper would be a fun option too.

For the hearts, I used a regular felt simply because I loved the colors. You could also use a large heart punch here if you don’t have a cutting machine. Or if you have cute paper or vinyl to use.

Easy Valentines Day Garland

If you don’t have baker’s twine on hand you can use different colors of yarn or string and twist them together to get a similar look. A cute heart-themed ribbon would be cute too!

As I was creating this DIY valentine’s day garland I was remembering all the craft projects we’d so in school this time of year. Crafting ‘back then’ usually consisted of paper heart doilies, pipe cleaners, and red yarn. I have noticed the doilies are coming back. And yes, I have some in my crafting stash.

DIY Valentine’s Day Garland Steps

The first thing we need to do is cut the Love Letter Garland SVG. If you don’t have a personal cutter (Cricut or Silhouette), then you can print out the envelopes and use the paper cut outs as a template to trace and cutout of the felt. Use sharp scissors so you get a clean cut on the felt. The Love Letter Garland SVG comes with three envelopes in this set but they are all the same, just different colored hearts. I cut out 2 sets for my garland.

Easy Valentines Day Garland

After you have cut your envelopes, now cut the little hearts. Again, you can print them out and use the heart template to complete this without a Cricut machine. I did use my Cricut Maker and found the rotary blade cut the bonded felt the best. It sure is a clean cut. I recommend it if you’ve been thinking about getting one!

Click the photo see Cricut Makers on their site. AD

Easy Valentines Day Garland

For the stiffer felt, they won’t fold over and hold a shape of a closed envelope so I cut the top off and then Hot Glues them on, with the glitter side out.

Before attaching the envelopes to the string you’ll want to string your pom-poms.

They will slide and you can glue on your envelopes as you measure and space them out.

I got this needle at Hobby Lobby and it has a very large eye on the top to string the twine through.

I was wishing I had a pom-pom maker here. (wood beads would be cute too use a piece of twine and make a bow between the envelopes!) Although I thought these little white pom-poms are adorable and the perfect size.

If you don’t glue the envelopes all your items might just slide the center when you hang them. I’d suggest laying out the string of pom-poms and then space out your envelopes to see what you think before gluing.

After they cut, glue the top edge, lay your string so it touches the glue, and add your top flap. Make sure it lines up on the top. I added a drop of glue to the bottom of the envelope flap to hold it in place.

Coolest Glue Gun EVER! From Surebonder / Lynn Lilly.

Go back add your hearts to this DIY garland. I made the pink hearts the focal point and matched the twine to them.

At the end of the yarn or twine, tie a loop or cute bow.

After I added the felt hearts I went back and added lines to make them look stitched. You could use a sewing machine for this too.

Adding two garlands together is also a cute look. You could even simply string pom-poms on some gray yarn (or any color to match) this simple Valentine’s Day craft and hang them together.

If you are looking for more DIY projects to create that romantic atmosphere, check out this list of Free Valentine’s Day SVGs on this blog post. Also, typing Valentine’s Day in the search bar at the top will give you lots of other ideas too.

How about some Free Valentine’s Day SVGs to keep you creating?

Free Valentine's Day SVGs

Now that the Christmas decorations are down, I was happy to add something fun! It helps pass the time of these cold winter months!

I love using my Cricut to make home decor. I hope you liked this idea. Comment below and let me know if this inspired you to create. Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m off to hang up my love garland and find last years’ Valentine’s Day decor!

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