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Free Halloween SVGs for Cricut

Free Halloween SVGs

Free Halloween SVGs and how to edit them!

How about some free Halloween SVGs? Yes, please! But first, let’s use my free SVG “This is my Halloween Costume” and I’ll show you how to edit the colors.

This SVG is perfect for a quick Halloween costume idea and these are my type of Halloween costumes, easy to make, I probably already have the stuff on hand, and I don’t feel strange wearing them all night. And I’m actually comfortable wearing it!

Supplies to make a quick Halloween t-shirt!

Free This is my Halloween Costume SVG

• T-Shirt of choice

• Vinyl Color options

What do you do with the SVG after you download it?

Once you have your SVG design downloaded, unstuffed, and picked the file you want to use (PNG, SVG, etc.), you are ready to create! I like to use the SVGs; they provide the most precise graphic when cutting. If you want to see how to work with the SVG, watch this quick video. Open your Design Space and click the UPLOAD button shown here, file the SVG file and you will get this screen.

uploading SVGs

When you are in Design Space, you can edit the colors of your free Halloween SVG. I did this free “This is my Halloween Costume” SVG with a variety of colors. Let’s pretend you only want to cut two colors: Orange and Green. I’ll show you how easy it is to edit the colors …

Stay until the end for a list of more FREE Halloween SVGs!

Free Halloween SVGs for Cricut

Now that the Free Halloween SVG file is in your Design Space, you’ll want to ungroup the SVG design. Depending on how the SVG designer prepared your file, each color, or set, should be grouped together like shown here.

Ungrouping the SVG will allow you to edit the colors, so they cut on the right mat together. Here is how the SVG This is my Halloween Costume should look in the grouped sets.

Free Halloween SVG

More Halloween SVGs and Cricut DIY ideas!

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For this design, I want to change the color of the pumpkin leaves to match the words. Once the sets are ungrouped, I held down my shift key and selected the teal-colored words and the leaves/stem.

Now, on the top left side, in the ‘operations‘ section, click the “?” icon. (Normally, this would be a color, but since we have two colors selected, it’s showing us they are different by the ? we selected.)

Free Halloween SVG

The last thing I did was turn off the layer with the lines on the pumpkin. Once it’s cut, I was going to sew a button to add a fun accent onto the pumpkin.

(TIP: Another idea would be to slice the lines, then you would see the shirt color through the pumpkin.)

When there’s something in an SVG you don’t want, instead of deleting it, you can simply hide it by clicking the EYE icon shown here.

Free Halloween SVG

That way, you can use it later if you want. You are keeping the SVG design together for later use but making the cutting process easier this time.

Free Halloween SVGs!

Now that you can edit the SVGs a little, more creativity can happen. And with that in mind, you should grab these other Free Halloween SVGs from my crafty friends. Then be sure to pop into our Facebook SVG group and share some things you made!

Free Halloween SVGs
Free Halloween SVGs for Cricut

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