School Bus Scrapbook Page SVG

Ladies, does it get any cuter than this?? This back-to-school scrapbook page idea is easy to make scrapbook page that looks like it took you hours. Plus, stay to the end for some free School SVG Files!

It doesn’t matter if you use girlie pastel colors, fun vibrant primary colors, or trendy teals with rose gold accents this Back to School Scrapbook Page layout is A-DOR-ABLE!

School bus Scrapbook page SVG
School bus Scrapbook page SVG
Cricut and Romeo Siser

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First, you might be asking…

What are “Simply CUTe” Scrapbook SVG Pages?

Flower scrapbook layout with colors, golid color and mint green leaves

Simply CUTe Scrapbook SVGs are a line of SVGs in our shop that offer cute, fun scrapbook page ideas without the time-sucking task of deciding on a layout.

They are all Simply CUTE and Simply CUT.

This means you can cut, create and assemble really cute scrapbook pages in less time than it’s taken you before.

And if you have more than one kid to make pages for, you can cut two and speed-produce layouts. Or speed up the design process and spend time doing the creative part of your scrapbook page.

Back to School Scrapbook Page

Let’s dive into this adorable Back to School Scrapbook Page

I love how you can add a LOT of pics to this layout. I always take so many pictures and the fun Pinterest layouts I save have like 2 pics on them. I always wonder what they did with the rest of their pics from that day, event, or special memory. haha.

Video for the Back to School Scrapbook Page

This video shares some tips and steps to assemble the school themed scrapbook page.

This Back to School Scrapbook Page works well for:

  • Add classmate pics to the bus window.
  • The first time your child rides the bus.
  • Class photo and student pics.
  • First day of school pictures.
  • Class Field Trips

How to assemble the Back to School Scrapbook Page SVG

The base of this page news a few colors to make it look like the samples. Don’t feel you need to stick to these suggestions. Sometimes, we need ideas to get our ideas going. I also like to choose accent colors for the kids’ clothes.

  1. School Bus Scrapbook SVG
  2. Background: Sky Blue Color
  3. Bus color: Yellow
  4. Black for bus shadow
  5. Silver or gray for bumper and wheel accents
  6. Charcoal for wheels (to stand out on the black bus shadow)
  7. White for the clouds and wheel centers
  8. Accent color (I used red for the stop sign, bus lights, and photo collage on the bottom)
  9. 2-page layouts can use 2 accent colors, I used green.

Steps to Assemble the Scrapbook Page

Cut the SVG out using your Cricut or another cutter. The video below shows you how to scale it for the size page you are making.

The cut items are shown here.

TIP: Save the bus window cut outs (left) and red photo collage inserts (bottom) as templates for trimming pics to add.

Once you have your paper cut you only need a few things:

  • SVG Back to School Scrapbook Page
  • Tape runners / Adhesive
  • Fine tip glue (for the mirrors and wheels)
  • Pictures of your cute kiddos
  • 8 Sheets/Colors of paper are listed above.

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First, assemble the bus image. I always start at the back and work forward. The black bus shadow, then add pics to the bus window or add white paper behind there.

Add the tires, stop sign, lights, and bumper. I would add the tail lights behind the bus layer, so they partially stick out.

Next, lay down the sky blue. Add the bus, clouds, and words to make your page. Pretty simple and this Back to School Scrapbook Page turns out so cute you won’t mind that your little ones are growing up… for a minute or two anyway.

Free School SVGs from other sites

My creative friends want to share some free school SVG files with you. Check out how cute these are!

Free SVG School mockups

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