Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Crafters

Below are the top 10 gifts any crafting mom would LOVE to get. Mother’s Day gifts can be hard to pick out, but grab one (or all) and mom will be sure to be happy! I have or want all of these so as a creative mom I know that crafting moms want the most.

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Does your family feel stumped with what to get you for Mother’s Day? Or your birthday? I can relate and I’m here to help.

Below you’ll find some fun options for the creative in all of us. Exciting gadgets, wearables and fun decor items for your creative spaces. All are perfect Mother’s Day gift ideas for crafters and creatives.

Keep in mind what you’ve noticed when you run through these questions below to pick the perfect mother’s day gift.

  1. What are her favorite colors?
  2. Do you see her carrying a tote bags all the time with crafts or books inside?
  3. What does always talk about enjoying? … Coffee? Tea? Wine? Eating Out?
  4. What is she posting or sharing? (Sewing Kit things? Painting Ideas? Cricut Project Ideas?)
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Take the answers from above and add them to these simple items for the perfect gift idea. Find all of these and more in my Creative Mother’s Day Gift list on Amazon:

  • Tote Bags
  • Flower Pot and Seed Packets for her green thumb
  • Gift Card
  • Essential Oils
  • Handwritten note
  • Picture Frame and pic of loved ones
  • Kits for Craft Projects
  • Personalized Gift
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Adult Coloring Books

You could go nuts trying to find the perfect gift and end up with personalized golf balls, or a plain old tape measure for her sewing room. That’s probably not the perfect Crafting Mom Gift you want to wow her with.

To help you out I’ve put together a few cute, creative, pretty, and even a few fun and practical gift ideas to keep you on mom’s good side. haha

Perfect Mother’s Day gift ideas for crafters and creatives

  1. Cute Embellishment Holder for Mom

Every crafter loves fun storage. This one is pretty and easy to use. Your crafting mom can grab her embellishments with one hand. Find this embellishment holder and more ideas for your crafty mom in my Creative Mother’s Day Gift list on Amazon.

  1. Pretty Candle For Mom

This pretty candle smells good and is beautiful. Adding this to Mom’s craft space is sure to inspire her to get creative and relax. Give your crafting mom some zen this year with this pretty candle. Grab this pretty candle from my Creative Mother’s Day Gift list on Amazon.

  1. Help Mom Relax with this Salt Light

This is another fun addition to her creative space or bathroom with this Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp. Add some more zen to mom’s life with this cute Salt Lamp from my Creative Mother’s Day Gift list on Amazon.

  1. Create Memories That Last With Mom

Use this fun journal to have Mom write down all the fun memories or good times so you can cherish her story for generations to come. You can see this cute journal and other gift ideas in my Amazon shop.

  1. Graphic Tee Supplies For Mom to Create With!

Give mom some fun, she loves to craft and make shirts, give her a comfy sweatshirt that can add her favorite graphic to with a new Cricut or a new Siser Juliet cutter. This Bella + Canvas shirt and roll of HTV is PERFECT to showcase her favorit graphics!

  1. The Serum You didn’t know you needed!

I love this stuff. The smell, the feel my skin has, the way it gets rid of hair frizz…. Plus it’s all natural and made by my BFF. It’s the real deal – you won’t regret trying it out. My skin has never felt softer, I only wish I would have started using it sooner. Grab your mom one, she will love it. Vielle Serum here.

Vielle Serum
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7. Pink Heatpress For Mom’s Craftroom

    If mom is going to make those cute graphic tees and tote bags, she is going to need a cute heatpress too! This one is small, cute and sure to make you her favorite child! Grab this heatpress and see several other Mother’s Day gifts in my Amazon shop.

    8. Craftroom Storage For Mom

      I’m telling you, your mom wants this fun vinyl stand. It holds so many rolls and is cute. I love being able to see all the colors and pick the right one for my project. Having an organzied craftroom makes creating more enjoyable. Learn how to begin setting up and organizing your space here, or dive into paper storage here

      9. Pink Pretty Necklace For Mom

      Mom already has your heart, give her one to wear every day. This pretty pink heart necklace from Kendra Scott will go perfectly with that mom shirt she is planning to make! Find this pretty heart necklace and other cute gift ideas in my Amazon shop.

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