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Mother's Day gifts for crafters

Gift ideas for Crafting Moms

During this time of year there’s always a search for Mother’s Day gift ideas. As I write this I’m at a loss as to what to get my dad for his birthday today (we just shop at different stores! haha). So, I thought I’d helpful to the sons and husbands of the world and make them a quick list of gift ideas for crafting moms.

What does Mom like to craft?

I’m sure you are thinking IDK, that’s why I’m reading this! I’m going to encourage you to look around her home and think about what does she talks about. What is she making? What does she post pics of (or share pics of) on her social media. There’s hints if you truly look a little closer. I’m going to break it down to a few sections. Fun Crafter, Decor Crafter, Business Crafter and I’ll give you a few ideas for each!

  • Fun Crafter: She makes, bakes or creates just about anything from home decor, to scrapbook pages, to learning a new craft like sewing, knitting or watercolor painting. Look for similar things, but maybe new color schemes or something new to stretch her creativity kits are a fun idea.
  • Decor Crafter: This one usually does a DIY to decorate her home. A fun sign, a seasonal wreath… She has a love for holidays and her house always lets you now what season or holiday is coming up next. Look for items that accent what she has going, or inspires her to create more! The tray below is a great idea or craft supply organizer.
  • Business Crafter: This mom is creating and selling lots of what she makes. She’s a maker, an entrepreneur, or a creative•preneur. Look for ways to support her business adventure, our planner or a cute boss mug are good ideas.
Mother's Day gifts for crafters

This post contains affiliate links where I might earn an commission for your purchases, at no expense to you. Photos used in this post are property of shops where you can buy items. I have shared this list because I have them or want them so I know your crafter will love them too!


Tap into your inner creative here. If you aren’t sure what to get you can always head over to your local craft store for mom’s Mother’s Day gift this year. if you need a little let, I have you covered.

Gift Ideas for the Fun Crafter

One idea is a DIY kit. Find new creative kits everywhere. Here is one that looks adorable! A Lip Balm DIY Kit is sure to get her creating.

Mother's Day gift Idea for Crafters
A creative mug or pen set is always a WIN from This is Tisa!

This tray from Rustic Route is ADORABLE! I would be cute at my house (hint hint kids!)

This fun design can be ordered as shown from Amazon or make your own with our God Made Me Creative SVG.

Gift Ideas for the Decor Crafter

This is should be an easy Mother’s Day gift Idea for crafters to find – a cute new table runner, seasonal door sign, or craft supplies to make a new decor item are a sure hit! Often having a cute blank sign to decorate is sure joy this mom as a gift on Mother’s Day. What does she like? Shelf sitters? (those little seasonal cuties she can add to her mantel or shelf in the kitchen? So. Many. Ideas.

Grab a cute DIY from Ruffled Daisy!

Simple DIY projects from Michaels!

Gift Ideas for the Business Crafter

This is me (well all of these are) but this is my passion. This is what drives me, so I find this one easy. And bonus, I have a few options on our site here to help you shop for mom. One thing a business crafter is usually always: overwhelmed. So many things to do, make and market that in her head it’s probably a little messy. To help organize all of this we have our planners for creative entrepreneurs. It’s a business tool for success. And even though it’s dated, there’s still plenty of time left for her to use this and grow her business, even if she doesn’t have any marketing success.

We even have a couple options here on the blog! Grab them an SVG membership so they can craft all year long!

We have Creative Business ideas for mom too!

Mother's Day gifts for crafters

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