No-Sew Snowman Pillow Idea

no Sew snowman Pillow idea

Adding seasonal decor, like this fun no-sew snowman pillow, is for sure one of my favorite crafts to make. It’s a fast DIY since this one doesn’t need your Cricut. You could cut the face of the snowman out with the HTV but I just freehand drew the nose and eyes. Let’s get started.

No-Sew Snowman Pillow Supplies

This is a sponsored post as I was gifted the pillow insert as part of a Pillow Party from Fairfield. See the full pillow party details here.

  • Fairfield World’s Lumbar Pillow Insert (14×28-inches) from
  • Hat & Scarf (mine are from the Dollar Tree)
  • Small & Large Black Buttons (also from the Dollar Tree)
  • Orange Felt – for the Nose
  • Black HTV Vinyl, black felt, or Black Cardstock – for the Eyes
  • Embellishments for the Hat (Optional)
  • Adhesive (I used hot glue for the buttons)
no Sew Pillow idea

No-Sew Snowman Pillow steps

This no-sew snowman pillow is really easy. I wanted to walk you through the steps I used to make him and help guide you to make one too. I do encourage you to get creative, have fun, and remember – there are no mistakes when crafting, only room for embellishments.

Step One: Add the Hat and Scarf

I did bring my pillow form to the Dollar Tree to find one that fits. I wanted a cozy knit hat but ours didn’t have any with matching scarfs. At the second Dollar Tree, I visited is when I found this fun Santa hat and scarf. They fit perfectly on the pillow as well. Win-win!

To begin, I stood my Fairfield World’s Lumbar pillow insert up vertically so I could better see how he will look when I’m all done and he’s sitting on my sofa.

Then simply stuffed the top of the pillow into the hat. My hat was a perfect fit, it was just snug enough to stay on without any help. If yours is too big I would suggest pinching or folding over the access material in the back and securing it with a safety pin.

no Sew Pillow idea

The scarf is just as easy. Simply tie the scarf around your pillow. Adding it about 2/3 the way up on the pillow makes him proportionate with his head and body.

This Santa-looking scarf was just as easy as the hat. I tied it like I would do my own scarf and it stayed perfectly.

Make it tight to squish the pillow and create an indent on the pillow form to make his neck obvious. This creates a round looking head-shape for your no-sew snowman pillow.

Step Two: Adding the Nose

No snowman is complete without a carrot nose, right? I used a paper nose for this blog post but I do plan to grab some orange felt next time I’m out.

I drew the carrot shape free hand and cut it out. Secure your carrot nose with fabric or hot glue. Don’t forget to add some lines on the carrot to make it looks more real. Using a darker orange color is good too. If you don’t have it on hand you can always use black or a brown Sharpie® on your felt or paper.

Carrot placement idea: For some reason, it think he looks “happier” when the carrot is pointing up. But there’s no right or wrong way! If you need ideas search Pinterest for “Snowman Faces” and you’ll find lots of ideas. But wait… keep reading to learn about the Joann’s $100 gift card *giveaway!

no Sew Pillow idea

Step Three: Adding Buttons

Lay your snowman flat and begin laying the buttons where you think they should go. This helps you decide the placement for the buttons before you begin gluing them down.

When you glue the mouth buttons I started in the center, then did each corner. Filling in the rest helps it stay how you envisioned it.

He’s turning out so cute! And so fast – it’s taking me longer to type the blog post than it did to create him. haha. Plus, I can’t stop signing, Let’s go Build a Snowman from Frozen – Anyone else?

no Sew Pillow idea

Step Four: Adding the Eyes

Eyes really add life to your snowman. Spend some time to make them speak the message. usually with a snowman is a bright happy day.

I cut mine out of paper again, but I plan to use felt next time.

no Sew Pillow idea
Eye ideas for your no-sew snowman pillow
  • Goggly eyes (glue on)
  • HTV Vinyl (heat press on)
  • Felt Shapes (glue on)
  • Paint them on!

Step Five: Adding Embellishments

I played with some winter looking greenery but ended up adding a fun felt snowflake. There’s usually always room for one of these messy bows too! I made a small one from some ribbon scraps for the snowflake I added.

no Sew snowman Pillow idea

He doesn’t even need anything else if you like him more simple. I left off the Christmas greenery so I can leave him out through February.

Who’s ready for a giveaway?

Follow the link below to enter to win a $100 gift card to JoAnn® Stores and a 10-pound box of Poly-Fil. You can create a ton of fun holiday decor with that prize!

I love having a crafting party. The online space is no different. See all these other creative pillow ideas here. This recycled sweater idea might be my favorite!

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14x28 Lumbar pillow ideas

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  1. I love this idea….can’t wait to go get all the items I don’t have to make it.

  2. If I won the gift card, I would have so much fun buying fabric, thread, yarn, paint….I love crafts of all kinds!!!!


  4. Love this pillow idea and so easy and not expensive. I would use my gift card to purchase materials to make my grandchildren costumes (they love dressing up and playing super heros) and clothing.

  5. If I’d win the $100 gift card from Joann’s I’d use it to buy supplies for my crafting business. I’m just starting out my business and still in the process of buying supplies and equipment.

  6. I’m not exactly sure where we’re supposed to leave our comment on what we’d do if we won the giveaway so I figured I’d play it everywhere I can write. 😬😬
    If I win the giveaway for Joanns I’d use it to purchase some new crafting supplies for my daughter for Christmas. She loves making jewelry with beads. 💜

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