Harry Potter Crafts DIY Idea

Have you seen the Harry Potter movies? Are you into the wizarding world from reading the Harry Potter books and now need a Harry Potter DIY? If you said yes to any of these, then grab your magic wand, and let’s create some Harry Potter Crafts.

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In this blog post, my creative friends and I will take you through the magical world of Harry Potter stories with DIYs, games, and crafts to make you think you are living in the Hogwarts houses.

Free Harry Potter Craft Ideas

These DIY Harry Potter craft ideas are magical DIYs that will get your little wizard excited about crafting too.

I added this Harry Potter looking SVG to a coffee mug and will give it to my son as he’s the Harry Potter fan around here. Grab your DIY wands and let’s get creating.

Cricut and Romeo Siser

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SVG Files on my site

We have a variety of SVG cut files in our SVG Shop. I love to create DIYs from my digital designs. I understand you see a lot of SVGs online and then when it’s time to create you are stumped on what to actually make with the cut file. So, be sure to check out the blog posts as a great place to get inspired and find DIY ideas.

Harry Potter Crafts DIY Supplies

For our DIY we are making a coffee mug with our Harry Potter themed SVG cutting file. I’ll be talking about Cricut Design Space and the supplies I used. But this project is simple for any cutter.

This Harry Potter DIY makes the perfect gift for a huge Harry Potter fan! You can also add this harry Potter SVG to Christmas ornaments for a gift to give the wizard in your life.

The wand chooses the wizard svg shirt mockup

If you are going to Universal Studios to hang Harry and his homies, you should make a graphic tee with our The Wand Chooses the Wizard free SVG

Step-by-step instructions for this Harry Potter DIY

Start your project by uploading your SVG to your Cricut Design Space. If you want more info and tips for uploading SVGs, click here.

Now the hard part, picking your vinyl colors. This is always a fun part for me but having a variety of colors helps. My favorite is the Poli-tape line type of vinyl. Look at these colors!

purple vinyl and harry potter magic wand

I used my son’s Harry Potter wand to pick the colors. The purples and the sparkles from this Poli-Tape box are so magical!

However, I tried to use the wand on the mess in my craft room and I’m sad to say that did not work! I might need some spell training from my friend Harry. LOL

chelly's messy craft room and wand
Magic want didn’t work on my messy craft room! haha

Picking Vinyl for Craft Projects

Now, back to our magical Harry Potter coffee mug DIY. You will want to look closely at your vinyl instructions and details to make sure you create a product that will last more than one use.

Using adhesive vinyl will wash off in time. Using permanent vinyl is a better choice. My son is not a coffee drinker so I’m guessing he’ll use this to keep pencils in it on his desk. For this use, it won’t be getting washed after coffee each day and adhesive vinyl is fine.

If you want a more permanent vinyl, check out Poli-Tape for HTV options. Those purple sparkles would be the magical choice.

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Harry Potter Crafts DIY Ideas

Stay until the end for a list of more Magical Harry Potter Crafts you can create. I designed a Harry Potter themed SVG called “the Wand Chooses the Wizard SVG” for this DIY.

The Harry Potter activities and crafts below include:

  • Chocolate frogs craft
  • Harry Potter free printables
  • DIY Harry Potter Hat craft
  • Harry Potter Cornish Pixie Jars
  • Printable Cornish Pixie printable tag
  • Crocheted Harry Potter idea
  • Harry Potter Bookmark DIY
  • Harry Potter themed Party decor ideas
  • Harry Potter Birthday project ideas
  • A Saving jar for your Harry Potter Funds

And so many more to entertain the big Harry Potter fans in your life. We’ve all seen Harry Potter monster book DIY and now you can create a ton of other crafts inspired by the book series.

Free Harry Potter Craft Ideas

Best Harry Potter Crafts from other DIYers

My DIY friends and I collaborated together to bring you magical ideas and projects that are great for party crafts and are sure to excite even the ultimate Harry Potter fan.

Below you will find kids’ crafts, adult crafts, and even some for those older kids that love Harry Potter as much as my kids did.

Which were your favorite crafts? I bet you ideas for your next Harry Potter party. So many fun Harry Potter Craft ideas I might have to try a few more! It’s great how they outline the easy steps and use different color supplies and characters from the series.

List of (Free) Harry Potter DIY Ideas

  • Laura of Me and My INKlings is sharing a Room of Requirement Sign. Located in Hogwarts Castle, it’s a room that can only be discovered by someone who is in need. Free SVG File included in the tutorial.
  • Let Harry, Ron, and Hermione hold your place with a Magnetic Set of Bookmarks created by Laura of Laura’s Crafty Life. Click through to discover how to make them.
  • Show your Hogwarts House Colors with a colorful set of Harry Potter DIY Scrunchies. The full step-by-step tutorial can be found over at Smitha’s site, Smiling Colors.
  • Shani of Sunshine and Munchkins has created a Free Printable Patronus Fortune Teller. Let this game help you discover what your charm is based on your happiest memories.
  • Download, print, and color Harry Potter Movie Night Printables featuring Hogsmeade Tickets and Gringott’s Coins that the kiddos can earn, then redeem. Designed by the clever Justine of Little Dove.
  • Erica from 5 Little Monsters always keeps us in stitches (LOL!) with her fabulous creations. Free this adorable Crocheted House Elf Dobby by gifting him a piece of clothing. Click through for the complete pattern.
  • Always remember that the Wand Chooses the Wizard with this cute Harry Potter Mug created by Chelly of We Can Make That. Get the Free SVG file on her website.
  • No Harry Potter birthday party is complete without a DIY Flying Broom photo booth prop. You will never guess what Debra from Debra Quartermain Designs has made this one out of!
  • Beth of Creatively Beth is always on the lookout for cute Dollar Tree crafts, including these magical Harry Potter Flying Keys. Easy to create with the free printable wing pattern sheet.
  • These yummy Chocolate Frog Earrings look good enough to eat but don’t because they are made out of resin. Lindsay from Artsy Fartsy Mama has the complete tutorial over on her blog.

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