Easy Christmas Crafts

In this post, I share 3 Easy Christmas Crafts projects that are not only easy to make but are also fun decor items to add to your home or perfect for small gifts you might need.

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Nothing inspires me more than the holiday season! I LOVE IT – The lights, the food, the decor, the family time, and the magic of people in our neighborhood doing amazing things. And let’s not forget the holiday DIY decor.

There is a simple video here to show you how to make these.

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Snowflake Signs Easy Christmas Crafts

The supply list for a snowflake sign

  • Wooden sign
  • Ribbon (extra wide)
  • Wooden Snowflake (or any holiday accent piece)

Simple Snowflake Ornaments

These are such a CUTE easy Christmas craft idea!! They couldn’t be any easier, for real!!

Snowflake ornament

Easy Christmas Crafts supply list

  • Wooden circles (from Hobby Lobby)
  • Ribbon to hang (from my stash)
  • Snowflakes for embellishments (from Hobby Lobby)

You simply glue on the snowflake. I used hot glue.

Make a loop with your ribbon and glue that on the back. DONE!

And look at how cute they are?

Snowflake sign close up

They are perfect for craft shows and make an adorable gift for teachers, secret Santa gift exchange and then don’t forget to hang a couple on your tree too!

Santa Jacket Sign

This is so easy too. It was the first thing to sell at my craft show if you are wondering what to add to your next show.

The Santa jacket is an ornament from Hobby Lobby and the canvas is from the Walmart craft department. I added a brad to hang the ornament and DONE!

Santa Jacket sign

Snowman Shutter

This guy was made from an old shutter I found by a curb (who else loves trash day? HAHA). Pretty simple but he took some time but that was mostly for the paint to dry.

First, we spray painted the shutter.

Next, we cut the brim of his hat and painted that and the top of the shutter.

snowman shutter

Check out his nose! It’s so cute.

It was cut from a piece of metal tin and painted dry brush style to make it more orange colored.

We finished him off with some wooden buttons, ribbon for a scarf and painted simple eyes and a mouth.

And one last CUTE Christmas craft idea..

Gnomes are “Snow” Much Fun!

My friend Shelly made these cute gnomes and I had to share for another easy Christmas craft idea.

Are they not the most adorable things you’ve seen???

They inspired me to paint a gnome at a painting parting this month. I came home and glued a pom-pom on his hat to add some dimension.

So fun and he is hanging in our kitchen today.

My hubby named him Gnorm.

Hoping we inspired to create something with these easy Christmas crafts. We have more to share here if you are looking for more ideas. More Christmas DIYs

What holiday DIYs have you enjoyed this past year? Or every year?

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