Free Winter SVGs

Nothing warms my heart more than Free Winter SVGs! And when I get to creating with my crafty friends, that means a HUGE list of FREE Winter SVGs for you (details at the bottom).

Free Winter SVG
That pink vinyl is so cute!

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I love designing, I’ve been a graphic designer using Adobe Illustrator since the early 90s.

Each design I make is a labor of love. They come from my heart for sure, as designing is what I’ve made for. But every once in a while, I’m over the TOP excited about a design and this is it. I could not wait to share this sweatshirt I made.

Cricut and Romeo Siser

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Layering HTV to make a shirt

I admit this scared me. I didn’t want to mess it up so avoided it. However, as of today, I am SOLD on the idea. It’s so easy. I edited the colors of this free winter SVG and made it my own!

You don’t have to edit the colors, but I like to see exactly what I’m getting. Let me show you how to tweak the colors of an SVG.

Supplies for this Free Winter SVG project

The colors on this new sweatshirt make me happy. For real! haha. It was a happy accident as I went through my vinyl stash, I originally planned to go with traditional Christmas colors. This metallic blush pink, mint green, and white just POP on the soft navy hoodie I found at Walmart.

  • 3 colors of HTV vinyl
  • Sweater Weather free SVG
  • Hoodie or shirt
  • Iron, Cricut EasyPress or heat press

Changing Colors on the SVG

This can be tricky, depending on how the SVG was set up. Some things are already welded by the designer and therefore making it harder or impossible to edit the colors. I do into a little more details on changing colors on an SVG here.

This is what it looked like when I cut out the file. See the steps I used to edit it below:

Design Space SVG edits

I like to make a background color match the finished product I’m making. Simply to help me get a better idea of what it will look like in the end. Bring a creative, I’m 100% visual and I find this helpful in making my idea come to life.

Grab a shape similar to or in a size that your SVG will fit on. I chose a navy-colored square.

Design Space Changing adding shapes

Once you upload the Free Winter SVG, unattach the SVG file. Now, hold the shift key down while you select the items you want to make a new color. Do this step for each color set.

This obviously doesn’t change things when you actually cut but helps you see the finished product before it’s cut.

Design Space Changing colors

To make the SVGs easier to work with, I then attach the color set and “send to back” (or backward) so I can select the next set of colors. This is found under the arrangement tab on the top.

Design Space Changing colors

I pressed the white and mint layers at 300° for about 6 seconds. Just enough to press and remove the clear carrier sheet. When I did the pink layer I pressed it for about 10 seconds.

Remove the clear carrier sheet slowly and make sure all the items are stuck on your shirt. I used a heat pressing sheet and did 5 more seconds to make sure it was on there for good.

I can not wait to wear this one!

Freee winter svgs

Free Winter SVGs

Once again my crafty friends went crazy and helped me create this list of MANY, MANY  cozy free winter SVGs to get you creating.

free cozy SVG cut files

Please comment below and tell me which one is your favorite!

Let’s Get Cozy
Sweater Weather
But first… hot cocoa!
Let it Snow
Cozy Season
Tis the Season to be Cozy
Warm & Cozy
I Wasn’t Made for Winter
Let’s Snuggle by the Fire
Mitten Weather
Stay Cozy
Winter Snowflake Text
Hot Cocoa Sign
books, blankets, & warm drinks

Free Winter SVGs

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  1. So Cute!! I’m wanting to do a layered design but keep putting it off because I’m nervous to mess it up! I’m also not sure how to cut it since it has solid layers behind (It’s a paper layered design but it would be super cute on a T-shirt!)

  2. I love your “Books, blankets & warm drinks” design as there is nothing I like better thank snuggling up under a blanket with a good book and hot drink on a cold winters night.