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It’s a good time for FREE Teacher SVGs, right?


Free Teacher SVG decor
Teaching Is A Work Of Heart SVG

It’s no secret that this is a crazy time of year with back to school. Add in lots of emotions and even more chaos than normal thanks to Corona!

So, I asked myself, who do I want to be during this chaotic time?


(Spoiler Alert: there’s a HUGE list of FREE Teacher SVGs at the end)

I for sure don’t want to be the one that spreads more chaos no matter where my beliefs land. With this in mind, I wanted to put together this post that spreads joy into our communities.

For me, that means my creative side comes out and wants to make things for others that will add a smile to their face. This post has an idea for something to make to give a teacher in your life.







What can you make as a gift with this Free Teacher SVG?


  • Coffee Mug (use a glass mug and the etch the design!)
  • Tumbler
  • Shirt or hoodie
  • Wall decor
  • Reversed Canvas
  • Vinyl for their wall

Let’s create something that is decor they can use in their classroom or at home.



Wall Decor idea for Free Teacher SVGs


Free Teacher SVG

This is a clearance item from Hobby Lobby. You can easily turn this into a decor item for a teacher and give it as a gift. This one was under $2 and is adorable in the end!




How to up-cycle a decor item and use it as an adorable gift….


  1. Tape off the beads
  2. Spray or paint with a brush over the sign.
  3. Cut the FREE Teacher SVG in vinyl
    • Add vinyl to sign
  4. Paint beads if you want. Every other one painted is cute!
  5. DONE! how easy is that?


I love these beads that are so fun now. You can paint them or leave them plain. It really adds a pop of color and helps coordinate your item if you paint every other one a matching color to your SVG art.


Be sure to tape off every other bead so painting doesn’t mess up the off color.


I hope this inspired you to create something for a teacher in your life! Here are a bunch of other Free Teacher SVGs you can use to make gifts too!




Free Teacher SVGs!

Some of my other crafty friends have also created FREE Teacher SVGs you can download too:



We Can Make That!



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  1. I really like the “heart work” SVG – it is unique. I can imagine putting that on a variety of items for teacher gifts.

  2. I love the offer of “FREE Teacher SVGS” but so time consuming to visit each and every blog – have a pop up asking you to fill out form and subscribe. I just did not have the hour to do that today and will have to come back another time if I remember – and go thru the process. I do understand the blog train and the importance of visiting each and every blog, and see what all else they have to offer! But I was just really hoping to beable to clink on the link and have it download. Thanks for going thru the effort of collecting these and sharing them.