Bench Redo

My sister and law and I LOVE our garage sales. We find so many unfinished projects just waiting for us there. LOL! This last summer we found this $5 steal! I was looking for something that would work for a bench by my front door for clients and house guests to use.


Vanity Redo | Turn a vanity into a bench with these 5 steps:

  1. CLEAN & REPAIR: I cleaned off the dust, patched some chips and glued any spots that were lifted. There was a little wear on the finish, I lightly sanded the rough spots.
  2. PAINT: I chose Anne Sloan Duck Egg paint for this piece. I gave it 2 coats using the water method to get a smoother finish. I didn’t want to distress or apply dark wax on this gem.

2 coats done and drying.

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2 coats done and drying!

3. WAX: I used the paint method to wax with Rust-Oleum matte finish. LOOKS AMAZINGLY smooth.

4. DRAWER LINERS: To cover up the ‘love’ this vanity had been shown over its life, I found some fun Stainless Steel contact paper on clearance at Walmart.

vanity redo | how to line drawer stainless steel contact paper

5. FINISH TOUCHES: I bought a bed pillow for under $3 instead of foam. I think I’ll get some buttons to tack it down and make it lay flat but for a total of about $16 (not including paint and wax) I think it turned out great.


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